53 Ways to Check for Understanding   5 Rules of Thumb for Designing HOTS Classroom Activities   A SlideShare show from Darren Kuropatwa 5 Tech Friendly Lessons to Encourage Higher Order Thinking   An article from The Journal Apps to Support Revised Blooms Taxonomy  An interactive resource site from Livebinders and Ginger Lewman  INTERACTIVE.  This site s a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.  You can Create colorful mind maps online, share and work with friends, embed your mind map in your blog or website, email and print your mind map, save your mind map as an image    Children Thinking Skills Blog  Children’s Complex Learning Skills Begin Forming Before They go to School  Critical and Creative Thinking from Blooms Taxonomy  The Critical Thinking Place.  The Foundation and Center for Critical Thinking aim to improve instruction in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. We offer conferences and professional development programs, emphasizing assessment, research, instructional strategies, socratic questioning ,critical reading and writing, higher order thinking, quality enhancement, and competency standards. KidsPort. Kids port is an Internet-based educational service designed to help K-8 students excel in school. It provides a unique, multi-step program to create empowered learners, not simply good students.  Invention at Play  This site has critical thinking games and puzzles Library Instruction.  This site contains library instruction lesson plansarticles about library instruction, a large library instruction bibliography, and links to library instruction resources. This site also includes material relating to information literacy.   Newest lesson plan additions: Using Weird News to Teach About Verifying Information on the Web by Miland Brown and How Parents of Home Schooled Students Can Get Their Children to Use the Library by Pamela Chen.  There is also a new PowerPoint slideshow available dealing with Scholarly Journals and Popular Magazines by Aparna Zambare. Maker Education The Maker Movement is a technological and creative revolution underway around the world. Fortunately for educators, the Maker Movement overlaps with the natural inclinations of children and the power of learning by doing. Embracing the lessons of the Maker Movement holds the keys to reanimating the best, but oft-forgotten learner-centered teaching practices. New tools and technology, such as 3D printing, robotics, microprocessors, wearable computing, e-textiles, “smart” materials, and new programming languages are being invented at an unprecedented pace. The Maker Movement creates affordable — even free — versions of these inventions, and shares tools and ideas online, creating a vibrant, collaborative community of global problem-solvers. Modeling And Simulation Tools for Education Reform  Technology & Critical Thinking - Dr. Curtis Bonk Resources to use in Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills.  This is part of the Midlink Magazine site and has a list of web sites that teachers can use to teacher higher order thinking skills.

Project Based Learning Ten Free Project Based Learning Resources That Will Place Student at the Center of Learning article by Michael Gorman