Borro. Kids Guide to Understanding Banking. Kids begin to learn the value of money at an early age. For some children, their parents reward them with money for good grades, while other kids are given a weekly or monthly allowance. Often kids will use this money to buy themselves small things that they want, such as a video game for example. As kids are learning to value earning money it is a good time for parents to begin teaching them about banking. A kid who establishes the importance of managing his or her bank account will learn what is needed to handle money in a responsible fashion. Consumer Jungle.  Consumer Jungle is an interactive, web-based program that helps high school students become literate, savvy consumers. Consumer Jungle provides engaging and relevant consumer education curricula covering a variety of topics such as credit cards, transportation, living on your own, personal finances, telecommunications, and e-commerce fraud. Developed with input from teachers, students, and parents, Consumer Jungle delivers interactive games, activities, and relevant information directly to the home or classroom.  A Guide to Raising Money Smart Kids Practical Money Skills for Life. (6-12) is a free Web site designed to help educators, parents and students practice better money management for life. Americans think that financial basics are as important as the three R's traditionally taught in school. In fact, according to a Visa survey, 77 percent of parents believe personal money management is a subject "very important" to their children's lives as adults -- second only to writing at 89 percent. Sense and Dollars. This site is for teachers and has information on how to ear, spend, invest and save money wisely through a series of activities that speak to them in a language that they will understand and respond to, from Maryland Public Television. The Simple Dollar The Simple Dollar is a  site about debt and bad spending habits,and how to build a financially secure future and still afford a few luxuries in life.  Teaching Personal Finance in Everyday Activities  World Bank Group’s Web Site. (9-12)