www.amico.org Art Museum Image Consortium.  This site an online database of cataloged art images from more than 30 museums with a database of over 100,000 images.

www.artic.edu/artaccess The Art Institute of Chicago INTERACTIVE

http://www.artsonia.com  Artsonia Student Art Museum.  Artsonia is an online students' art museum showcasing artwork from around the world.

www.guggenheim.org The Guggenheim

www.diegorivera.com The Virtual Diego Rivera Web Museum.

www.thinker.org The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

www.artsmia.org  The Minneapolis institute of Arts. INTERACTIVE

www.metmuseum.org.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art-NYC INTERACTIVE

www.npg.org.uk National Portrait Gallery in London.

www.npg.si.edu National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. INTERACTIVE

www.icom.org/vlmp Virtual Library Museum Pages. INTERACTIVE  This site allows you to visit the museums where the art is housed and show your students the original pieces of art.  Most museums will have accompanying information on all of the art pieces.

http://www.wga.hu/index.html Web Gallery of Art. INTERACTIVE