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COLP Leaders

What is the Outdoor Leadership Program?

A program for students from any major who want to have fun and hone their outdoor leadership skills through hands-on practice, mentoring, and peer-feedback. 

Why participate?

  • Build experience-based judgment: Employers want to hire those who have experience actually planning and leading outdoor programs.
  • Outdoor jobs require outdoor experience: Fill your "experience resume"!
  • Optional: Earn elective credit! Starting in 2018, students can take OE 491 I/S Outdoor Leadership for 1 or 2 credits. To find out more or to sign up, request a copy of the syllabus and requirements by emailing 
  • Possible: Get paid! Starting in fall 2018, some qualifying students can get paid to plan and lead programs or assist with OEP classes or complete equipment management duties. Inquire by emailing   


What does the Outdoor Leadership Program entail?

  1. Attend Leader Retreat or condensed Leader Trianing! (see the calendar for specific dates). 
  2. Plan and lead 1 program
  3. Assist with at least 1 other COLP Program
  4. Attend monthly Leader Meeting (see calendar for dates TBA)

If you want to do it for college credit: You commit to 45 Hours of Leadership per credit. This includes the above, with the remainder of the leadership experience selected from a menu of choices that include the SELC Leadership Class or Leadership Retreat, service learning experiences with area outdoor programs like The Outdoor Campus West, serving as a Teaching Assistant for an Outdoor Education Outdoor Technical Skills class, or additional program experience helping with COLP programs, planning an additional COLP program, supervising the indoor rock wall, or helping with the outdoor gear rental center. 

Interested in being a Rock Wall Supervisor?

In addition to attending a COLP Leader Training, also complete a Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) Training (20 hours over several weeks). In 2019, will be able to earn the Professional Climbing Instructor Association CWI certification. Note: A few CRUX club leaders may earn the Bouldering Supervisor, which only requires a 2 hour training.

For more information about the Leadership Program, attend a regularly scheduled COLP meeting, visit with one of the COLP officers, or email COLP advisor at