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  Faculty/Staff FAQ

Faculty and Staff Reporting

Faculty/Staff who are experiencing symptoms, get tested, or are exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID-19 should call Human Resources at 605-642-6877.

Important Documents

Procedures and Protocol



Emergency Sick Leave  

The Emergency Sick Leave which was part of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act expired on 3/31/21.  If employees need to miss work due to their own personal illness, or to take care of a family member, they would need to utilize either sick (personal) leave, or annual leave.  If there are any questions regarding leave options don’t hesitate to reach out to BHSU Human Resources at 605-642-6549.

BHSU Employment Questions and Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the South Dakota Department of Health recommend employers be prepared if the campus is impacted by COVID-19. In consideration of these important resources, the following information is specific to employment activities at BHSU.

Current Status of University Response - Employees

For the latest, please refer to the  latest updates located at the top of this page. BHSU’s policies are available to respond to contagious illnesses and in many cases, the employee will need to use leave in accordance with SDBOR Policy 4:25, including caring for family or other appropriate absences. BHSU will continue to update the campus regarding changes in operating status.

General Guidance

If an employee is ill and not feeling well, they should stay home from work. An ill employee should notify their supervisor via standard communication methods prior to their normal work hours and use any leave that they might be eligible to use for an illness. This will help keep others at BHSU healthy. BHSU understands individuals may be experiencing heightened levels of anxiety during this time and encourages employees who feel anxious or worried about friends and family due to COVID-19 contact South Dakota Employee Assistance Plan.

Returning from Travel and Self-Isolation

If an employee returns from a location that the CDC advises self-quarantine, the employee and supervisors should follow CDC travel health guidance related to voluntary self-quarantine or not returning to work for the period of time advised. If an employee self-quarantines based on these guidelines and/or is required to stay at home and self-isolate due to testing positive, they should work with their supervisor, as well as BHSU Human Resources to determine the appropriate course of action. If the position is one that has the ability to work remotely, and can effectively do so, the supervisor may allow them to work from home for the time period they are advised to quarantine. If working remotely is not an option the employee would need to utilize the available approved leave options which may include Emergency Paid Sick Leave, Comp Time accruals, Sick Leave accruals, and/or Annual Leave accruals. The employee should monitor their health during travel and for the recommended 14 days after return. Supervisors and employees should contact BHSU Human Resources with any questions.

Going Forward - Stay Informed, Be Prepared

Given the fluidity of the situation, the most up-to-date information about BHSU’s preparations in response to COVID-19 are  posted on this page. Should BHSU change operational status, then essential employee rules should be followed, in accordance with SDBORPolicy 4:40

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