Better polish up your American football knowledge

As an international student, a Tunisian one to be specific, I only knew the football that the rest of the world played, or “soccer” as they call it here in America. Before you judge me on my lack of knowledge or inability to sit through aggressive sports, I decided to sit through the first game of American football Scheduled for the first semester in BHSU. 

Let me tell you about the first time I attended an American football game. Being an international student, who is carrying the pressure of understanding what I signed up for, I thought I should google some general rules before BH’s team started playing. I went ahead and googled Rugby rules. Mind you, I was completely in the dark about the fact that Rugby and American football are quite different. Luckily, I did not go alone. My roommate volunteered to take it upon herself to teach me - a very confused girl - about football. I guess that is not helping to break the stereotype of women having a tough time being into football. Though I’m happy to report that I now know how a field goal or extra points are earned. I know what a bootleg, a blitz, or a touchdown means, especially because the BHSU bookstore gives student discounts whenever there is a touchdown in BH’s favor.  

Keep in mind that I am raised by football fanatics, and I know what it is like to have your favorite team playing while the enigmatic feelings of excitement and competitiveness are surging through your veins. With that in mind, I was not a stranger to the cheering and the amount of energy everyone on the bleachers seemed to have. But still as soon as the rules of the game sank into my weary brain; I was so into the game you would think I had invested money in their winning.  

My point is, if you are considering coming to BHSU, do not hesitate to come at least to one football game! The cheering spirit is up and high in all its’ games, not just football, but basketball, track, and field, etc. In fact, I am writing this while still high on the serotonin and thrill of BH’s Basketball team winning victoriously in the last game I attended.  

The culture of undergraduate athletics is widely spread along all the United States, and my advice is to explore it, attend games and cheer for your university team. The encouraging screams and the booing of the rival team are exuberating, so you do not want to miss that. Also here is a link to polish up your basic American football knowledge. Enjoy your university experience!