Sometimes students reach a point in their education at BHSU where they have to strongly re-consider their plans for continuing enrollment. This occurs for a number of reasons:

  • Perhaps they are having second thoughts about their choice of a major and the college; thus, they may be looking at changing their major and, subsequently, the university they attend.
  • They might also be doing poorly in their courses and feel the need to stop out for a time until they know for sure if college is in their future.
  • Many times the decision is purely financial and they feel the need to discontinue for a while in order to earn more money to attend college in the future.
  • They could also be missing their home and family, and they may want to return to attend a college closer to home. This also includes financial considerations wherein the costs of college may be cheaper back home.

Whatever the thinking, it is important that you, the student, get sound input from a professional advisor at BHSU before taking definitive action. Advisors are available to meet with you in a friendly but focused decision-making process to help you explore various options and ensure that you have reached a more informed conclusion.

To change your major while attending BHSU contact the Registrar's office at 605-642-6092. If you have decided to stop out of BHSU or transfer to another institution you must complete an Exit Form to cancel your enrollment.

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