Mandatory Advising: Required for students with less than 60 credits

Mandatory Advising

Plan to meet your advisor before you register. If you have fewer than 60 credit hours you are required to meet with your advisor BEFORE you can register.   If you do not know who your advisor is,  you  can contact the Recruitment and Retention Specialists in your college.

Business & Natural Sciences - Dana Weber at or (605) 642-6277

Education & Behavioral Sciences - Melissa Woodall at or (605) 642-6132

Liberal Arts - Janette Hettick at or (605) 642-6934

Dual Credit Students - Clarissa Thompson  at or (605) 642-6270



Academic Probation and Suspension Information

Students attending BHSU (and all other state universities in South Dakota) are required to meet minimum progression standards and maintain a cumulative (overall) grade point average requirement in order to remain in good standing.   A student who meets or exceeds the cumulative grade point average requirements listed below is considered to be in good academic standing.



Credit Hour Range

GPA Standard














Students who do not achieve good standing in any semester are placed on probation, can continue enrollment, and are given an opportunity to improve their performance.  Students on probation are required to meet with a Retention Specialist to develop a personalized plan to help students achieve a satisfactory grade point average.

 Students who do not achieve this minimum standard after two semesters are suspended and are not allowed to register for subsequent semesters.  Students who are suspended can petition to be considered for readmission.  Petitions are reviewed by the Provost, who decides whether the petitioner has presented sufficient evidence to warrant continued enrollment. 

Petitioners who successfully appeal their suspension, and students who are admitted conditionally to BHSU, are allowed to register according to certain conditions determined by the Provost.  If a student meets or exceeds the GPA requirement during her/his probationary semester, s/he will be allowed to continue on probation until the cumulative GPA is raised to good academic standing.

 BHSU Academic Appeals Form

For more information, call the Academic Affairs Office at  605.642.6262