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Employer Resources


We are thrilled that you are interested in providing an impactful experience for one of our students within your business/company/organization. We believe  the  "hands-on" learning experience is an extremely important method of development. With your partnership we are confident it will be a win/win and all of us will benefit from the opportunity you are creating. 

Before providing an opportunity to a BHSU student it is important that we determine what type of opportunity it is you want to provide. Each opportunity involves a variety of requirements/expectations from not only the employer but also the student. 

Please take a few moments to review this list of Career Development Opportunity types before reaching out and requesting a BHSU student to join your team. 

  • Internship
    • Includes learning outcomes associated to a degree the student is pursuing along with a mentorship style of management
    • Weekly check-ins between the site supervisor, student and faculty adviser
    • Usually requires a minimum of 150 hours in the workplace to be accepted as an internship
    • Traditionally requires some form of hourly wage, stipend or compensation
    • Internship exit survey needed to finalize the experience
  • Part-time/Seasonal Job 
    • Student is given a certain list of tasks to perform on an hourly basis, no special degree required, but maybe preferred
  • Full-time job
    • Year round opportunity, salary or hourly pay, no special degree required, but maybe preferred
  • Career 
    • An opportunity that is directly related to a graduates degree that has long-term potential
    • Typically offered after a student has graduated from college
  • Job Shadowing 
    • The opportunity for a student to visit a workplace for a few days to get a feel for what the job/career entails
    • Typically is a week long experience, 5-8 hours a week
  • Work Study 
    • BHSU Campus  Opportunity Only
    • BHSU Faculty and Staff, please find out if this will be Federal OR Institutionally funded opportunity before filling out the form

Once you have determined what type of opportunity you are going to provide please take a few minutes to complete the Career Development Opportunity Request form. A representative from BHSU will be in touch soon. If you already have a Job Description, please forward it to Hans Nelson, our Director of Corporate and Career Development, hans.nelson@bhsu.edu.