Apply to BHSU-Rapid City

Ready to take BHSU classes in Rapid City? Here's how to begin:

Send all application materials (including application for admission, ACT/SAT scores, high school transcripts, and college transcripts if applicable) along with your $20 application fee to the Rapid City campus to be processed:

Black Hills State University University - Rapid City
P.O Box 250
Rapid City, SD 57709

Application Process

Number one Apply for admission to BHSU - Rapid City: 

  • Contact the Office of Admissions at (605) 718-4194 and we will be more than happy to mail you an application.
  • Ask your high school guidance counselor for an application.
  • $20 application fee

Arrow in a circleOnline Application

Non-Degree seeking students

Wanting to just take a few classes & not pursue a degree, or pursue teaching certification or re-certification? If so, you can apply as a non-degree seeking student. All you need to do is complete this application for admission to get started! If you apply as a non-degree seeking student, you may not be eligible to receive financial aid. If you are pursuing teacher certification or re-certification please contact Kim Nida, Assistant Director of Financial aid, at 605-642-6113, or to determine your eligibility for federal financial aid.


Number two Transcripts: Request that your high school and/or college send your transcript to BHSU - Rapid City.

Take the ACT or SAT test: (Waived if student is 22 years of age or over.) You do not need your ACT/SAT scores when you apply; just make sure they are sent to the Enrollment Service Center in Vermilion when you get the results. Or better yet, list Black Hills State University (ACT Code # 3904/SAT Code # 6042) as one of the universities to receive your ACT/SAT scores and they will be sent directly. If you do not have ACT/SAT results at the time of registration, or you are over 21 years of age and have not taken the ACT/SAT test in the past five years, you will need to take the Accuplacer Placement Exams for Math and English. Call the Testing Center at (605) 718-4193 to arrange for COMPASS testing.

COMPASS Placement ExamsAccuplacer Placement Exams

The number four Application for Financial Aid & Scholarships:

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - priority deadline is December 1.
Arrow in a circle Scholarship Application - priority deadline is February 1.

The Number Five Medical Immunization Form: The immunization form will be mailed to you upon acceptance into Black Hills State University. Complete the form and either send or bring it with you when you arrive to start school. If you have any questions, call the BHSU Health Services Office at 605.642.6520.

Health Services

The Number FiveInformation in the mail that will give you dates when you will come on campus, meet with advisors, and set up your class schedule for your Freshman year. 

New Student Registration

Call 605.718.4194 to talk directly with an Admissions Representative.


To apply through other schools please select which school and review their application process.


South Dakota School of Mines and Technology LogoUniversity of South Dakota Logo    Dakota State University Logo    South dakota State University logo


How to Apply to SDSM&T:

Undergraduate Admissions

*Degree Seeking

Admission Application

$20.00 application fee

Official Report of ACT

High school transcripts

Post secondary transcripts (if applicable)

*Eligible for financial aid

Non-Degree Seeking

Admission Application for major, select "Non-degree Seeking"

Application fee waive

*NOT eligible for financial aid


How to Apply to USD:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Submit your completed Online Admission Application
  • Submit your $20 application fee
  • Official high school transcript sent directly to USD
  • Official ACT or SAT scores sent to USD directly from the testing agency
Mailing Address for Application Materials:

     BHSU - Rapid City

     Attn: Christian Johnson

     P.O. Box 250

     Rapid City, SD  57709

Non-Degree Seeking Students:

If you do not want to apply for degree seeking admission, and just want to register for a course or two - Register Now!

Graduate Programs:

Graduate School Application and Required Application Materials


How to Apply to DSU:

To start the application process for DSU please visit:


How to Apply to SDSU:

Undergraduate Admissions

Degree Seeking

  • Admission Application
  • $20.00 application fee
  • Official Report of ACT
  • High school transcripts
  • Post secondary transcripts (if applicable)

*Eligible for financial aid

Non-Degree Seeking