Eco Reps at BHSU

2019-2020 Eco-Rep Team

Eco-Rep (short for Ecological Representative) is a peer-to-peer sustainability educator program. Eco-Rep programs focus on teaching sustainable living practices using peer education techniques. Student Eco-Reps help to raise awareness about ecological issues, encourage environmentally responsible behavior in their hall mates and peers, and also plan related events and activities.

To apply to be an Eco-Rep for the 2019-2020 school year, apply using the form below.

Erica Dykstra


Hey there! My name is Erica Dykstra, I'm from Rapid City, SD and currently a freshmen at BHSU studying Graphic Design. I compete on both Cross Country and Track and in my free time enjoy hiking or reading a good book. My green habits include using my own shopping bag instead of using plastic bags at checkout and recycling my items. Sustainability and the eco-rep program is important to me because I want to be part of improving the environment.

Linnea Langseth

My name is Linnea and I'm the Heidipreim Hall Eco-Rep! I am from Alaska, and I absolutely love to be outdoors. I am an avid recycler and always strive to better the environment within my power. I am in the photography club as well as the poetry club. My major is Elementary Education. My favorite things to do are to watch the stars, go to the beach, and take pictures. My favorite sustainability habit is to create my own recycling bins out of cardboard boxes. Taking care of the Earth is very important to me because I care about the future of our planet, and our quality of life on it!

Russell Conti

Hello, my name is Russell and an I’m the Eco Rep for Humbert Hall. My home town is Rapid City and I am a freshman this year. The Major that I am pursuing is environmental physical science with a minor in Physics. I am a part of BHSU bike club and I Young life leader for the local high school students. I enjoy hiking, biking, climbing, fly-fishing, snowboarding, and playing hockey. My green habits are recycling, using refillable water bottle, and always shutting off the lights. The reason why I am an Eco Rep is because I want to make our university a greener place for years to come.

Christian Pearce

Hey there! My name is Christian Pearce and I am from St.Charles, Illinois. I have a pet duck named Hallie and her favorite food is grapes and watermelon. I am currently a freshman here at BH studying BioChem. My favorite things to do around Spearfish include hiking in the canyon, hammocking, and going to Leone's. I'm an active member of CAB, RHA, COLP, and now your Thomas Hall Eco-Rep! When it comes to anything recycling and composting I'm obsessed, and know too much for my own good. I'm also someone who chooses not to consume animal products because of their heavy environmental impact that many don't realize. Again I'm super excited to be working with the sustainability office here at BH and cant wait to see what this year can hold for us all.