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Spearfish Local Advisory Council

Mayor Dana Boke
Cheryl Johnson
Melissa Barth
Rebecca Dorsett
Carrie Gray-Wood
Dawn Habeck
Trish Jenkins
Rachel Headley
Petrika Peters
Jessica Stori

Turn to Tap Water Initiative Logo

The Tap Water initiative has a goal to decrease the use of single use plastic by turning people back to tap water. Tap water is not only more cost-efficient, it also helps to decrease our carbon footprint. Additionally, tap water is not any less safe and tastes just as good as bottled water!

  • Bottled water is 600x more expensive than tap water. The average cost per gallon of bottled water is $1.21 vs $2 per thousand gallons of tap water.
  • Plastic bottles contribute to The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a 1.6 million square kilometer patch of plastic waste in the ocean.
  • Look for the "Turn to Tap" window cling in local businesses to refill your water bottle.

If you would like to become a part of this program, please fill out the Turn to Tap Application Form to apply for the free badge. This lets your customers and passerby know that you support local initiatives and promote reusable water bottles. 

Black Hills Food Hub Logo

Black Hills Food Hub

The work of Spearfish Local led to the creation of the Black Hills Food Hub (BHFH) in the fall of 2015. Like Spearfish Local, the BHFH is a division of the BHSU Facilities Services and Sustainability Department. By delivering food directly from producers to area cafeterias, restaurants, service providers, and specialty stores, the food hub's mission is to aid in regional initiatives that broaden the availability of local foods to people of all demographics.

The BHFH at BHSU has created the opportunity for Black Hills residents and visitors to enjoy fresh local foods. BHSU provides internships for students to participate in the local food efforts working on campus and with agricultural partners.

The food hub is currently in a three-year incubation period at BHSU, with plans to become fully sustainable by 2020. As of January 2018, the food hub regularly coordinates local food deliveries from approximately two dozen producers and five cafeterias/restaurants.

For more information, or to become a BHFH buyer or producer, contact the BHSU Food Hub


Spearfish Local

Spearfish Local is a Black Hills State University initiative that brings together local producers, distributors, purchasers, and consumers of local food and other locally-sourced products. The goal of Spearfish Local is to grow support of the local economy and to work together to achieve greater things than we could as separate organizations.


If you are associated with a business that produces or uses local products, please fill out the Spearfish Local Business Application Form to apply for the free Spearfish Local badge.

Benefits of the Spearfish Local badge include:

    • Window decals and stickers to show that your business supports local producers and the Spearfish economy - these decals also inform consumers about where to find locally grown food
    • Spearfish Local will include your business's name in print and online advertisements and materials
    • Businesses who have received the Spearfish Local badge will also be listed on this website and interactive map

Spearfish Local's goals are to:

    • Support the Black Hills economy by assisting businesses in the promotion of their local products and keeping local dollars in the Spearfish area
    • Help consumers more easily identify local products
    • Promote healthy eating choices with fresh, local produce
    • Reduce food transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Build community resilience
    • Connect BHSU students with community members working on local food issues
    • Provide real world work experience for BHSU students

Contact: Eva Chase, Sustainability Coordinator or Jessica Stori, Food Hub Coordinator

Spearfish Local Businesses

The following establishments have submitted an application to Spearfish Local showing that they produce or use local foods as part of their business. You can also use the interactive map in the sidebar to view more information.

Eat Local

Drink Local

New applications are arriving, so check back here for frequent updates. If you own a business that sells or prepares at least one local food item, submit an application form to apply for the free Spearfish Local badge. Participation in this program is completely free, thanks to our grantors and sponsors listed below.


    • 2014 Healthy Communities Small Grant fromThe Wellmark Foundation. The Wellmark Foundation is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Blue Cross®, Blue Shield®, and the Cross® and Shield® symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an Association of Independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans.
    • 2014 Specialty Crop Block Grant from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture. This project is supported by the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and the U.S. Department of Agriculture through grant 12-25-B-1487. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the USDA
    • 2015 USDA Local Food Promotion Program

Spearfish Local in the News:

Spearfish Local Interns


Spearfish Local Interns

Summer 2018:

Name Major
Isaac Grassel Mathematics
Krista Kerutis  Exercise Science          
Sarah Richards             Photography and Journalism

Summer 2017:

Name Major
Manual Perez        Environmental Science

Summer 2016:

Name Major
Amanda Voisin       Art and Graphic Design

Fall 2015:

Name Major
Tracy Sigdestad   Sustainability Masters

Summer 2015:

Name Major
Ross Edison Environmental Science
Tracy Sigdestad   Sustainability Masters
Timothy Whelan    Mass Communication

Spring 2015:

Name Major
Chor Ni Tsoi Accounting
Jessie Clark Outdoor Education and
Environmental Biology
Ross Edison Environmental Science
Tracy Sigdestad Sustainability Masters
Marisa Kritzberger Biology
Timothy Whelan Mass Communication
Lina Katelaite Mass Communication

 Fall 2014:

Name Major 
 Chor Ni Tsoi               Accounting 
 Tara Price Corporate Communications 
 Evan Griggs Outdoor Education 

Summer 2014:

Name Major
Abigail McBride         Physical Science
Tara Price Corporate Communications
Thomas Trimble Chemistry

College Students hanging out in Bear Butte