How to Get Started

Getting started by selecting your study abroad opportunity

    We know that deciding where, when and how to study abroad is a big task. Therefore, our International office staff are ready to help you every step of the way! We think the best way to get started is to meet with our staff to go through the specifics. Don’t get overwhelmed, there are lots of details, but we can guide you through it seamlessly and find the perfect study abroad opportunity for you! Here is the easiest way to get started:

      It’s never too early to learn about your study abroad options! Contact the international office to share your interest. By completing the Interest Form, you will share your interest and allow us to schedule an appointment to talk with you further. You can also call us at 605.642.6942 or come and visit us in the office at:
      Office of International Relations & Global Engagement
      Office of International Relations & Global Engagement
      1200 University St. #9519
      Woodburn Hall, Office #115

      Wheww. The hard part was step 1! Now that you are thinking about studying abroad, the rest of the steps are here for you to consider as you apply. Students who study abroad need to remember to study hard as most semester programs have a 2.5 GPA requirement. Don’t have a 2.5 GPA, come and talk to us to see about abroad options. We want every BHSU student to have an international opportunity!

      Start thinking about what factors are important to you in your study abroad choice. 
You may be thinking about:
    1. Price.
      This is a factor for many students, and the good news is, there are some study abroad options that are actually cheaper than taking classes on campus! Think about your budget, your scholarships or aid (some BHSU aid will transfer to your study abroad opportunity), and come talk to the International Office about your options.
    2. Academic Discipline.
      You can study your major in lots of different places but maybe you would like to make some academic connections in a certain place, or you want to understand a certain countries view of your major. All of this is possible. Don’t forget to tell your academic advisor about your interests.
    3. Dates.
      Finding the right time to study abroad is important. Maybe you are on a sports team or have a leadership position on campus. Maybe you need a required seminar or lab class offered on campus. Working with an academic advisor can help you lay out your class schedules for your time at BHSU. There’s always room for a study abroad opportunity, we might just have to move some things around or find an abroad program with flexible dates.
    4. Program Location
      There are lots of places to travel in the world. And BHSU provides a great list of countries to visit. Visit the “Study Abroad Locations” section to learn about the different countries where we work! And, if you don’t see a particular country listed there, just let us know and we will go hunting for you!
    5. Traveling with people you know
      Sometimes it just feels better to travel with someone you know. We offer several programs led by BHSU faculty and staff as well as pairing you up with other BHSU students on an exchange or partner program.
    6. The ability to teach or obtain an internship
      Some International opportunities allow students to teach or conduct an internship. Teaching is available both for education majors (for student teaching) and for non-majors (working with college students interested in learning English from a native speaker).
    7. The ability to speak a foreign language
      For many students, an international opportunity is a chance for them to practice or learn a foreign language.

      Plan It’s never too early to start planning to study abroad. In fact, the better you plan the more flexibility you’ll have in the classes and credit hours you take abroad. Start to make notes on your class schedule (tell your advisor about your interest to study abroad), and start thinking about all the fun you’re going to have!