Important Information

For Payment Information and Payment Deadline, please go here.

Are you having trouble accessing your SNAP Student Registration or is there incorrect course information loaded into your D2L account?  

Attendance Confirmation “Action Items”

All students must complete the newly posted “Action Items” for Attendance Confirmation.  This impacts your access to Financial Aid.  If not already done, please complete these items, ASAP. 

Registration Terms & Conditions "Action Items"

If you are getting a notice for Pending Action Items, you will need to complete all of the Registration Terms & Conditions questions before you can proceed you’re your Registration/Class Schedule.  The action items are simple questions to answer about the student’s physical location, for each semester.  And, a financial responsibility agreement.

Students should follow these steps to move through this process:

Hover over the underlined title of the first action item.  It is a link to where you will answer each question.

Answer the questions and CLICK SAVE at the bottom.  If you don’t click save, it will not register your answer.

The final Action Item will be the Financial Terms and Conditions” agreement.  Complete that step and CLICK SAVE.

Once all items have been completed, click the “RETURN” button in the top-right corner.

The pop-up box to Cancel or Continue will come up, again.  Click CANCEL.  You will then be allowed into the Student Registration menu.

If you would like a more detailed explanation, with screenshots, please see this page.

Direct questions to the Registrar’s Office, Woodburn Hall 103.  (605) 642-6092

Missing or extra courses on D2L

Enrollment updates for D2L have been delayed, but we are processing, so we ask for your patience as the system works through the backlog.

If you are a student and do not see your course(s), please try again later in the day.  If you are still seeing a course that you dropped,  please look again at a later time.  As long as the registration is correct in your SNAP schedule, your billing will be correct.