Mass Communication Minors at BHSU



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Mass Communication students will explore visual-design, photographic image-making, written, broadcast and web-based multi-media processes using the most advanced computer-software, technologies and equipment in upgraded facilities. Students enjoy a high level of career placement upon graduation due to the high demand for knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals in the viable and growing Mass Communication job market.

  • GAIN REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCES by taking up an internship.
  • JOIN A CAMPUS ORGANIZATION: Campus organizations help majors and minors get extracurricular experience in their fields of study and network with other students.
  • GET A CERTIFICATE in journalism, photography, or social media
  • A MINOR/EMPHASIS IS REQUIRED: Minor in integrated media, sports media, public relations, science communication, photography, or graphic communication.


Improve your career opportunities with a minor in Mass Communication from Black Hills State University.

Emphasis in Radio-Television

  • MCOM 210 - Basic Newswriting
  • MCOM 220 - Introduction to Digital Media
  • MCOM 221 - Audio Production
  • MCOM 330 - Writing for Digital Media
  • MCOM 331 - Video Production

Take one of the following:

  • MCOM 305 - Sports Broadcasting
  • MCOM 322 - Radio Production
  • MCOM 332 - Television Production

Emphasis in Journalism

  • MCOM 161 - Graphic Communication
  • MCOM 210 - Basic Newswriting
  • MCOM 266 - Photojournalism
  • MCOM 317 - Multimedia Reporting
  • MCOM 328 - Advertising Media Communications

Take one of the following:

  • MCOM 430 - Media Law
  • MCOM 468 - Integrated News Lab I

For teaching minor add:

  • SEED 424 - 7-12 Language Arts Methods

Emphasis in Photography

  • MCOM 165 - History of Photography
  • MCOM 265 - Basic Photography
  • MCOM 266 - Photojournalism
  • MCOM 350 - Digital Photography
  • MCOM 365 - Advanced Photography
  • MCOM 367 - Color Photography
  • MCOM 465 - Contemporary Issues in Photography
  • MCOM 494 - Internship


There are employment opportunities in a variety of sectors:
» Advertisement
» Audio/Video Scecialist
» Broadcaster
» Commercial Photographer
» Creative/Art Designer
» Drone Photographer
» Filmmaker
» Fine Art Photographer
» Graphic Designer
» Inernational PR Specialist 
» Journalist
» Logo Designer
» Miltimedia Specialist
» News Editor/Writer
» Photojournalist
» Portrait/Wedding Photographer
» PR Agent
» Reporter
» Speech Writer
» Science Outreach Specialist
» Social Media Content Photographer
» Studio Product Photographer
» Radio Announcer
» Web Designer 

Get Involved on Campus

Jacket Journal & BHSU media.com

Open to all BHSU students, the Jacket Journal newspaper is an award-winning campus organization. Several 400-level labs and the Jacket Journal staff produce a hard-copy newspaper as well as the student campus media online website BHSUmedia.com. Editorial, production, photography, and advertising staff positions are available each semester.
Contact Mary.CatonRosser@BHSU.edu to learn more.

The Buzz FM

Bringing the best and only alternative to Spearfish, S.D. The Buzz is the university’s student run radio station. Students from any background or major are welcome.
Contact Scott.Clarke@BHSU.edu to learn more or tune in to 89.1 & 90.7 FM to listen.


Students experience television broadcasting by servicing the campus with informational and entertaining programs.
Contact Scott.Clarke@BHSU.edu to learn more.

Public Relations Club

BHSU Public Relations club is a professional development group for students focused on career enhancement, community involvement, conferencing, competition, and networking for internships and careers across the country. The group has regional and national affiliations that provide many opportunities for students to network with professional organizations, such as Public Relations Society of America.
Contact Mary.CatonRosser@BHSU.edu to learn more.


Whether students are photography majors or simply someone who enjoys photography as a hobby, this organization is open to all. Get involved in regional or national trips, fundraisers, and small adventures for photographers at every level. Shutterbuzz is a student-run organization that brings photographers together.
Contact Skott.Chandler@BHSU.edu to learn more.


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