Join us for Green and Gold Days to kick off your BHSU experience!

Welcome Class of 2023! Join us for Green & Gold Days.

Explore what the BHSU campus has in store for you. Slip and slide BHSU. BHSU offers great outdoor activities. Enjoy a taste of BHSU.

Green and Gold Days: New Student Orientation Schedule 2019

Printable Schedule

Friday- August 23rd

8:00am-2:00pm- Res Hall Move In

10:45am-1:30pm- Lunch: Hive ($8.00 without meal plan)

1:30 pm – 2:15 pm Minor Student & Parent Orientation Meeting: Club Buzz (For students under the age of 18, this mandatory session will cover important topics that both parents and students need to know.)

1:30-2:15- Transfer Student Orientation Meeting- Student Engagement and Leadership Center (SU210) (You made the switch and we are excited to welcome you to our university community. Let us help you learn the ins and outs of BHSU and get all your questions answered during this session.)

2:30pm- Parent Reception: Club Buzz (Worried about leaving your student, come hang out with other parents in the same boat, and learn valuable information to help with your transition, while your student begins their own orientation session. Refreshments will be served.)

2:30pm- Res Hall Meetings- Individual Halls

Commuter Program- Student Engagement and Leadership Center (SU210)

3:45pm- The Yellow Jacket Launch Part 1: Young Center Basketball Arena

(Session Description: Confused about what’s going on? No worries, we’re here to fix that. Join us as we discuss what you need to know about your campus and community resources. Free giveaway to all who attend!)

4:45pm- Presidential Address to the Class of 2022- Young Center Basketball Arena

5:00pm-6:30pm- Dinner: Hive

6:30- Downtown Friday Nights- Transportation Provided (Transportation leaves Library Circle from 6:15-7pm)

7:00pm- Scavenger Hunt: Jacket Zone (617 N. Main St.)

8:30pm- Res Hall Programs- Individual Halls/Complex

Saturday- August 24th

9:30am-11:30am- Service Projects- Leaving from Library Circle (Continental Breakfast provided)

Spearfish Wildlife Sanctuary- (High Activity) – 50 ppl (2 staff, 2 students)

ReStore w/ Habitat for Humanity- (Moderate Activity) - 15 ppl (1 staff, 1 student)

Chalk Art Mural (Moderate Activity) - 20 ppl (2 staff, 2 student)

Spearfish Fire Department (Moderate Activity) - 50 ppl (3 staff, 3 students)

Humane Society (Low Activity) - 50 ppl (2 staff, 2 students)

Northern Hills Training Center (Low Activity) - 30 ppl (1 staff,2 students)

Hickory House: Cooking Class w/Seniors (Low Activity) - 15 ppl (1 staff, 1 student)

St. Vincent DePaul Thrift Store (Low Activity) - 10 ppl (1 staff, 1 student)

11:00am-1:00pm- Brunch: Hive

1:00pm-4:00pm- Hike the H: Moderate to High Intensity (transportation leaves from Library Circle)

1:00pm-3:00pm- Spearfish Walking Path: Low Intensity (Library Circle)

5:00pm-6:30pm- Dinner: Hive

7:00pm- Contracted Entertainment: Juggler Nick Thomas- Meier Recital Hall

8:00pm-11:00pm- Pizza Palooza and Welcome Dance- Club Buzz

Sunday- August 25th

11:00am-1:00pm- Brunch in the Hive

1:00pm-1:10pm- Yellow Jacket Countdown: Jonas 305

(Meet your Student Engagement and Leadership staff. Win cool prizes!)

1:10pm-2:45pm- Yellow Jacket Launch Part 2: Jonas 305

(Session Description: This session will be facilitated by the faculty and staff. They will go over advising, how to access class schedules, online portals like D2L and SNAP, attendance confirmation, writing and math centers, library hours, classroom etiquette…all things students to need to know to be academically successful.)

3:00pm-5:00pm- Yellow Jacket Launch Part 3: Young Center Basketball Arena w/Troy Stende

(Session Description: Interactive program facilitated by award winning Leadership and Motivational speaker. Build connections and get to know your fellow Yellow Jackets.)

5:00m-7:00pm- Yellow Jacket Campus Community Fair: Mission Complete- Young Center Fieldhouse

(Event Description: Come see all that Spearfish and the University has to offer. Local businesses, churches, departments, and clubs and organizations will be present. Dinner will only be served here.)

Green and Gold Days: Monday, August 26th –Saturday, September 7th

Swarm Week: Sunday, September 22nd – Saturday, September 28th



Green and Gold Days: Programming Schedule

Saturday, August 24th –Sunday, September 8th

August 24th

Event: Nick Thomas: Juggler

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Meier Recital Hall

Sponsored By: Campus Activities Board & Orientation Committee


August 24th

Event: Welcome Dance and Pizza Palooza

Time: 8:00-11:00pm

Location: Club Buzz

Sponsored By: Campus Activities Board


August 25th

Event: Campus and Community Fair

Time: 5:00-7:00pm

Location: Young Center Field House

Sponsored By: Student Engagement & Leadership Center


August 26th

Event: 1st Day of Classes Pool Party @ rec center

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Location: Spearfish Rec Center

Sponsored By: Campus Activities Board

August 27th

Event: Ice Cream Breakfast on the Green

Time: 8:30am

Location: Campus Green

Sponsored By: Campus Ventures


August 27th

Event: Improv Comedy Show

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Black Box Theatre

Sponsored By: Props & Liners


August 28th

Event:Sign Language Bingo

Time: 6:30pm

Location: The Hive

Sponsored By: Talking Hands


August 28th

Event: Color Relay

Time: 7:30pm

Location: YC Practice Fields

Sponsored By: Swarm Days Committee


August 29th

Event: Giant Slip N Slide

Time: 4:00pm

Location: YC Practice Field

Sponsored By: BHSU Connection

August 29th

Event: Hoedown Throwdown

Time: 7:30-9:30pm

Location: Campus Green

Sponsored By: Nights of Country Swing

August 30th

Event: Hike to Devil’s Bath Tub

Time: 3:30pm

Location: Meet in SU Atrium

Sponsored By: Math Club

August 30th

Event: Food and Art Tour of Spearfish

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Meet in SU Atrium

Sponsored By: Student Affairs

August 31st

Event: Residence Hall Programs

Time: 8:00pm

Location: All Halls

Sponsored By: Residence Life

September 1st

Event: Smores and Night Games

Time: 7:00pm

Location: The Peaks Recreation Area

Sponsored By: Sigma Tau Gamma

September 2nd

Event: Leones Creamery Social

Time: 2:00-5:00pm

Location: Leones Creamery (722 N. Main St.)

Sponsored By: Campus Activities Board

September 3rd

Event: Kick Ball Slip N Slide

Time: 7:00pm

Location: The Newman Center (815 King St.)

Sponsored By: Newman Club

September 4th

Event: Ice Cream Floats

Time: 11:00am- 1:00pm

Location: Campus Green

Sponsored By: Enactus

September 4th

Event: Part Time Job Fair

Time: 11:00am - 1:30pm

Location: Underneath Jonas Skywalk

Sponsored By: University Advancement- Career Development Services

September 4th

Event: Paintball

Time: 4:00-8:00pm

Location: Campus Green

Sponsored By: Campus Activities Board

September 5th

Event: Karaoke Night

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Bordeaux Lobby

Sponsored By: Concert Choir

September 6th

Event: Canoeing @Iron Creek Lake

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Meet in SU Atrium

Sponsored By: COLP

September 6th

Event: Drive In Movie

Time: 8:00pm

Location: Life Sciences Parking Lot

Sponsored By: Campus Activities Board

September 7th

Event: 5K Fun Run

Time: 10:00am

Location: Gravel Lot

Sponsored By: Exercise Science

September 7th

Event: Football Game

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Lyle Hare Stadium

Sponsored By: BHSU Athletics

September 8th

Event: Newman Picnic & Party

Time: 5:00pm

Location: Newman Center (815 King St.)

Sponsored By: BHSU Newman Club 

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Enjoy a taste of BHSU.