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Chance Lachowitzer 

Meier Hall 309


Growing up in a military family, Chance Lachowitzer traveled from coast to coast and lived a transitory lifestyle. Although constantly on the move, his family made an effort to road trip every year to South Dakota to visit extended family. Because of these trips, the Black Hills became a veritable home away from home. After graduating high school in New Orleans, Chance Lachowitzer moved to Spearfish to receive his B.S. in Speech Communication from Black Hills State University. Afterwards, he obtained his M.A. in Communication Studies from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. His academic research revolves around the interplay between media and culture. Specifically, his scholarship explores how media texts like movies, television shows, and social media influence the way people communicate and interact every day. In addition to media studies scholarship, Chance has taught numerous online and on-campus Fundamentals of Speech and Public Speaking courses. His class lectures are often personalized with memes and movie references. Chance’s other interests include hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and playing guitar.