Micheal Baum

Dr. Eric Clapham

Associate Professor

Jonas Skywalk 212
(605) 642-6347

Eric Clapham started at Black Hills State University in 2011. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona and his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Nevada. Dr. Clapham teaches a variety of classes that range from Statistics and Methods to the brain science courses: Biopsychology and Sensation & Perception.

Dr. Clapham is also dedicated to research and his Cognition Lab is currently exploring various aspects of visual cognition and perception. Clapham’s Cognition Lab employs a great team of undergraduate research assistants who are involved in every step of the research process. Many of them eventually design and conduct their own experiments. Ultimately, the goal of the lab is to ask interesting and relevant research questions and disseminate the findings to the scientific community. Through his teachings and by providing research opportunities Dr. Clapham hopes to educate BHSU students on how the brain gives rise to the complexities that are the human mind.