Important Information About 'Holds'

What is a hold?

A hold is an administrative action placed on your student record preventing you from receiving transcripts, registering for or dropping classes, or receiving grades.

The hold is the result of a financial, academic, or administrative obligation to the university and will remain in place until the obligation is met. Holds will be released once restitution or compliance has been met. MyBHSU these holds  prevent you from making changes to class schedules.

How would I know if I had a hold?

You can login to MyBHSU, and select 'Student', On the side menu, then under 'Student Accounts' heading, click 'Student Accounts Menu'. Click on View Holds and you will see if there are any holds on your student record. If there is a hold, it will be stated there. If there is not a hold it will state, "

No holds exist on your record."

I have a hold, what can I do to get it removed?

In 'View Holds' in Banner Self-Service, you will notice a code and perhaps some general instructions to contact your advisor, or visit with the cashiers' office. For specific information about each code and how to resolve the restriction, please refer to the list below.

Admissions (CINCU) :

If there are incomplete admissions requirements, contact Admissions, located on the main floor of Woodburn at 605.642.6742.

Advising (CADV):

  • Contact your advisor as posted in MyBHSU. On the side menu, then under Student Accounts heading, click Student Accounts Menu. Click on the Student tab at the top, then click Student Profile. You will find your advisor there.  If you do not have an advisor, see the college of your major.
  • Suspension readmission? See the office of Academic Affairs, 2nd floor Woodburn, 605.642.6262.

Tuition & Fees:

Pay the amount due on SDePAY or contact Student Financial Services, Main Floor of Woodburn at. 605.642.6527. Learn more about the SDePAY system

  • CAR – Unpaid tuition & fees
  • CNSF – Non-Sufficient Funds Check
  • CCOLS – Balance referred to a collection agency

CPKE or CPKL – Perkins Loan requirements. For more information contact us at 605.642.6480.

Campus departmental charges (CCOLU):

This includes cases of library fines, unreturned equipment, damaged property, parking fines. If needed, contact the appropriate office.

  • Child Care Services --  for child care fines. 605.642.6322
  • Student Financial Services -- for emergency loans. 605.642.6335
  • Library -- for library fines. 605.642.6834
  • Residence Life -- for residence hall fines. 605.642.6788
  • Public Safety -- for parking fines. 605.642.6297
  • Student Support Services -- for equipment fines. 605.642.6294

General and Pre-General Education Requirements (CGE and CPG):

Contact the Registrars Office located on the ground floor of Woodburn Hall, 605.642.6092.

Proficiency Exam (CPR and CPF):

Contact the office of Academic Affairs located on the second floor of Woodburn Hall, 605.642.6262.