Discover your passion with Physical Education at BHSU.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Major at BHSU focuses on understanding how the human body moves in order to help others develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to live active, healthy lifestyles.

Well qualified faculty help students develop performance and teaching skills needed to create, teach and assess physical education lessons in any grade from kindergarten through grade twelve. Graduates are well prepared for classrooms.

Why earn a physical education degree from BHSU?

  • Study in the state-of-the-art Young Center facility
  • Live your passion for an active lifestyle that allows you to be outdoors in the Black Hills
  • Share your experiences in play, games, sports, and adventure activities
  • Positively impact the lives of youth

Incredible Experiences at BHSU

The Nationally Recognized and Accredited Physical Education Major at BHSU focuses on experiential development of your skills, knowledge, and dispositions enabling you to help K-12 students live active, healthy lifestyles.

Teacher candidates and faculty engage in collaborative learning that develops performance and teaching skills needed to create, teach and assess standards-based physical education lessons. Graduate placement is nearly 100%!

    • National Association of Sport and Physical Education
    • Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Preparation
  • PRESENT COLLABORATIVELY teacher candidates and faculty present at state or regional conferences

Unique Opportunities

Learn it! Teach it! Live it! Gain formal experience by teaching in school systems. Every teacher candidate receives guided and supervised opportunities in a variety of school settings with diverse populations, varied technology, and expert clinical educators K-12. These opportunities are a critical component of BHSU’s Physical Education program, which was the first in South Dakota to earn and retain National Recognition and Accreditation.

Physical Education faculty teach by example and model expectations of teacher candidate physical literacy. Physical Education teacher candidates are known personally by faculty enhancing collaborations that support and develop a team mentality leading all candidates to succeed.

Community collaboration is an integral part of the BHSU PE program. In addition to working with area schools to supply handson experiences with K-12 students, BHSU PE students are exposed to a variety of opportunities to build their experiences for future employment. A strong partnership between the BHSU PE program and the community provides a network that provides student opportunities such as coaching, refereeing, and working in schools and other entities while in the program.

Get Real World Experience:

A Physical Education degree from BHSU provides a plethora of practical experiences. Additionally, BHSU students receive field experiences at three different times during their education: the pre-admission teaching practicum (EDFN 395), the pre-student teaching practicum (SEED 495), and the semester of student teaching (SEED 444). Each of these experiences enables you to provide input regarding placement, but we will create the school-site opportunity for you!

Get Involved on and off Campus:

  • SDEA: South Dakota Education Association
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
  • SHAPE: Student Membership
  • Lunch PALS program at West Elementary (physical activity during lunch recess)
  • The programs Jump Rope for Heart, Ropes Course Day, and Fitness Fun days are available at local public schools.
  • Many of our students are either coaching at local middle schools and high schools or are athletes at BHSU

  • Contact us today to learn more!

*Current students, please refer to the DegreeWorks Dashboard in MyBHSU to confirm your major requirements.

Program Highlights


Teaching P-12 students begins with first-year candidates teaching 2nd and 5th grade students and continues through coursework each semester to include middle and high school students. The culmination is 15 weeks with K-12 students.

Adapted Physical Education

Candidates gain the knowledge and skills to successfully plan, implement, and assess activities to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Curriculum Development and Evaluation

Candidates develop Standards-based academic curricula and assessments to implement in their future teaching career.

Skill Concepts

Mid-career candidates develop and implement guided PE lessons for middle and high school students integrating the art and science of teaching.

PE Methods and Evaluation

Senior teacher candidates develop, implement, and assess preschool students for a month of developmental physical education.


The primary purpose of the Physical Education program at BHSU is preparing highly qualified and certified K-12 Physical Education teachers Other opportunities include directors and specialists for:
» Corporate environments
» Correctional facilities
» Cruise ships
» Recreation facilities
» Resorts
» Senior centers


Open to all teaching majors each spring semester, BHSU holds its annual teachers fair welcoming over 60 employers to campus to meet with students seeking job opportunities.

Physical Education Major

Required Core - 46 semester hours

  • HLTH 251 - First Aid & CPR
  • HLTH 420 - K-12 Methods of Health Instruction
  • HLTH 422 - Nutrition
  • PE 121 - Intermediate Swimming (level 4)
  • PE 180 - Foundations of HPER
  • PE 181 - Fundamentals of Elementary PE & 181L Lab
  • PE 201 - Professional Preparation: Gymnastics
  • PE 204 - Professional Preparation: Rhythm & Dance
  • PE 263 - Physical Education Outdoors
  • PE 300 - Applied Sport & Exercise Science
  • PE 341 - Curriculum Development & Evaluation
  • PE 352 - Adapted Physical Education
  • PE 363 - Skills Concepts & 363L Lab
  • PE 364 - Skills Concepts II & 364L Lab
  • PE 481 - Methods & Evaluation

Pre-Professional Teaching Core - 21 semester hours

  • EDFN 295 - Practicum: Pre-Admission Teaching
  • EDFN 338 - Foundations of American Education
  • EDFN 475 - Human Relations
  • EPSY 302 - Educational Psychology
  • EPSY 428 - Child & Adolescent Development
  • INED 411 - South Dakota Indian Studies
  • PSYC 101 - General Psychology
  • SPED 100 - Intro to Persons with Exceptionalities

Professional K-12 Teaching Core - 18 semester hours

  • EDFN 365 - Computer-Based Technology & Learning
  • EDFN 375 - Methods of Technology Integration
  • EDFN 440 - Classroom Management
  • SEED 450 - 7-12 Reading and Content Literacy
  • SEED 495 - Practicum: Pre-Student Teaching
  • ED 488 - K-12 Student Teaching

Gen Ed Requirements - 30 semester hours

  • ENGL 101
  • ENGL 201
  • SPCM - Gen Ed - Speech (1 class) - 3 semester hours
  • MATH - Gen Ed - Mathematics (1 class) - 3 semester hours
  • Gen Ed - Social Science (2 classes from different subjects) - 6 semester hours
  • Gen Ed - Arts & Humanities (2 classes from different subjects or a foreign language sequence) - 6 semester hours
  • Gen Ed - Natural Sciences & Lab (2 classes/corresponding labs) - 6-8 semester hours

minor is NOT required with this major but electives are required to total 120 hours, of which 36 hours must be 300-400 level courses.

Physical Education Minor

Minor Requirements - 25 semester hours

  • HLTH 251 - First Aid & CPR
  • PE 180 - Foundations of HPER
  • PE 181 - Fundamentals of Elementary PE and 181L Lab
  • PE 201 - Professional Preparation: Gymnastics
  • PE 341 - Curriculum Development & Evaluation
  • PE 352 - Adapted Physical Education
  • PE 204 - Professional Preparation: Rythm & Dance
  • PE 121 - Intermediate Swimming (level 4)
  • PE 363 - Skills Concepts and 363L Lab
  • PE 481 - PE Methods & Evaluation

Athletic Coaching Minor

Minor Requirements - 19 semester hours

  • EXS 250 - Human Anatomy & Physiology and 250L Lab
  • EXS 354 - Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries and 354L Lab
  • HLTH 422 - Nutrition
  • PE 300 - Applied Sport & Exercise Science

Take one of the following coaching methods

  • PE 469 - Coaching Baseball/Softball
  • PE 470 - Coaching Basketball
  • PE 471 - Coaching Football
  • PE 473 - Coaching Track & Field/Cross Country
  • PE 475 - Coaching Volleyball

Take two of the following courses

  • PE 440 - Organization & Administration of HPER/A
  • PE 453 - Sport Psychology
  • PE 4xx Coaching Methods (not already used above)

Health Minor

Minor Requirements - 18 semester hours

  • HLTH 110 - Health Concepts
  • HLTH 201 - ATOD Prevention Education
  • HLTH 251 - First Aid & CPR
  • HLTH 370 - Stress Management
  • HLTH 410 - Current Issues in Health
  • HLTH 420 - K-12 Methods of Health Instruction
  • HLTH 422 - Nutrition


Develop valuable personal relationships in a small community with amazing faculty and staff while thriving in the outdoors of the Black Hills.