American Indian Studies at BHSU

Careers: Discover what you can do with a degree in American Indian Studies


Develop skills that are applicable to a multitude of career options. With an American Indian Studies major, you can go on to have a successful career in:

  • business
  • academics
  • advocacy
  • politics
  • government
  • publishing
  • the arts
  • research, and more. 

Common areas of employment include all aspects of Tribal Government at the state and federal level. The job market in certain areas of economic development have great potential: tourism, gaming, and recreational activities including hunting and fishing.  There are opportunities in natural resource management and development, as well as agri-business including: raising stock, crop development, and light manufacturing. 

With a major in American Indian Studies you can fill positions in the educational field ranging from elementary to the Tribal College level.  There are many opportunities in the cultural preservation arena for example:

  • repatriation
  • museums
  • ethnography
  • historians
  • cultural anthropology

In addition, state, federal, and private entities are always looking for qualified individuals who are knowledgeable about Indian culture, laws and policies to provide sensitivity or diversity trainings.  Other areas of interest are: social service, lobbying, management, consultation, and recruitment.

As a fast growing field of study, graduate opportunities are becoming more evident. Presently, there are many masters programs throughout the country in American Indian Studies and a few PhD programs.  An American Indian Studies background is sought by professional doctoral programs in Law, Medicine, Education and in related licensed fields.