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Learn German at BHSU

“If you have never learned a foreign language, you have no idea how much better your life gets when you can speak a foreign language. People are nicer to you, you make more friends and have better experiences. It is a wonderful experience and we want you to experience it with us.”

- Brent Van Arsdell


    • What is the study of Language?
    • The study of language is the study of life, literature, history, and thought. It is nothing less than the study of our world and ourselves.


    • Why Study German?
    • German is for a new breed of thinkers, artists, journalists and travelers. If you want to be a real player in the 21st century, learning German will give you the edge you need. Keep in mind: 100 million people worldwide communicate in German!

    • With knowledge of German, you improve your employment opportunities - Germany has the largest economy in the European Union and the third largest in the world. German, for sure, puts you in high demand.


    • What Courses are offered?
GER 101 - Introductory German I (on demand)
    • Becoming sensitized to authentic listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural skills at the elementary level. Introduction to basic functional grammar and sentence structure.

    • PreRequisite: None

    • CoRequisite: None

    • Semester Hours: 4

GER 102 - Introductory German II (on demand)
    • Continued emphasis on authentic listening, speaking, reading, writing, and culture skills at the elementary level.

    • PreRequisite: GER 101 or consent

    • CoRequisite: None

    • Semester Hours: 4

GER 201 - Intermediate German I (on demand)
    • Develop active listening skills, functional language skills, readingskills related to student learners immediate environment, guided freewriting and understanding of interrelationships of language and culture.

    • PreRequisite: GER 102

    • CoRequisite: None

    • Semester Hours: 3

GER 202 - Intermediate German II (on demand)
    • Develop interactive listening and speaking skills toward initiating and responding to simple statements and questions; ability to understand selected descriptive readings to include literature of various types,and continued refinement of language and culture, traditions, customs,folklore, etc.

    • PreRequisite: GER 201

    • CoRequisite: None

    • Semester Hours: 3


Contact Info

Dr. Du-Lu Hsiao
Phone: (605) 642-6195
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Black Hills State University
1200 University St.
Spearfish, SD, USA 57799