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More than 200 BHSU students earn degrees during 2017 fall commencement ceremony

Author: BHSU Communications/Friday, December 15, 2017/Categories: Events, Students, Alumni, College of Business and Natural Sciences, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, President

Black Hills State University candidates for graduation were awarded master, bachelor, associate degrees during the University’s 174th commencement ceremony this December. More than 200 students received their degrees.

All graduates are listed below by hometown or current residence. Degrees are indicated by the following: MBA, master of business administration; MED, master of education; MS, master of science; BA, bachelor of arts; BGS, bachelor of general studies; BS, bachelor of science; BSED, bachelor of science in education; AA, associate of arts; and AS, associate of science.

Bachelor degree candidates who graduated with honors are noted by the following designations: Cum Laude, grade point average (GPA) 3.5 to 3.699; Magna Cum Laude, GPA of 3.7 to 3.899; and Summa Cum Laude, GPA of 3.9 or higher. Associate degree candidates who graduated with honors are noted by the following designations: With Honor, GPA of 3.5 to 3.699; With High Honor, GPA of 3.7 to 3.899; and With Highest Honor, GPA of 3.9 or higher.

Candidates graduating from the University Honors Program are noted by the following designations: Research Scholar, focusing on undergraduate research and creative scholarship; University Scholar, a four-year comprehensive Honors Program with an emphasis on undergraduate research and creative scholarship; and International University Scholar, which requires a significant international experience in addition to the full Honors curriculum.


                Folsom: Yana Merunko, BS, Psychology; Granada Hills: Hrair Palyan, BGS, General Studies; San Jacinto: Rico Stubbs, BS, Human Services; Wildomar: Antonio Flores, BS, Human Services, Sociology


                Centennial: Mitchel Smith, BS, Business Administration-Management; Denver: Aaron Montoya, BS, Exercise Science; Meeker: Zachary Meyer, BSED, Mathematics; Northglenn: Courtney Wilson, BS, Psychology, Cum Laude; Thornton: Phydell Paris, BS, Psychology; Wiggins: Thayer Sauter, BS, Engineering Technology-Construction Technology


Centerville: Ryan Conrad, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Educational Technology


Tokyo: Yoko Nishida, BS, Business Administration-Accounting, Cum Laude


Overland Park: Minayo Kawamura, BS, Corporate Communication; Courtney Lee, BS, American Indian Studies, History


Antananarivo: Mialisoa Andriamanantena, BS, Biology


Minneapolis: Robert Dooley, MBA, Applied Management; Saint Michael: Christine Thorn, BSED      Elementary Education; Spring Valley: Shelby Larson, BS, Communication Studies & Theatre


      Kalispell: Taylor Bingham, AA, General Studies

North Dakota

Bowman:  Abby Braaten, BSED, Special Education; Devils Lake: Eunice Davidson, BGS, General Studies; Dickinson: Gretchen Weir, BSED, English, Cum Laude; Hettinger: Mariah Jahner, BS, Human Services, Sociology; Minot: Cydney Peterson, AS, Applied Health Sciences; Cydney Peterson, BS, Exercise Science; Watford City: Samantha Jorgenson, BS, Business Administration-Management


Gering: Gage Winkler, BS, Exercise Science, Cum Laude; Morrill: Brittany Zwiebel, BS, Biology; North Platte: Justin Lafferty, BS, Psychology, Exercise Science; Ogallala: McLain Wunschel, BSED, English Education; Scottsbluff: Alexa Anderson, BS, Business Administration-Marketing, Summa Cum Laude

New Jersey

Andover: Shealyn McGee, BS, Mass Communications

South Dakota

Belle Fourche: Alexander Brost, BS, Business Administration-Management; Scott Carey, BS, Exercise Science; Karlee Gusso, BS, Composite Music; Austin Kudlock, BS, Business Administration-Entrepreneurial Studies; Trevor Melum, BSED, Physical Education; Troy Shockey, BS, Environmental Physical Science; Beresford: Courtney Carlson, BSED, English; Bonesteel: Emily Jons, BS, Exercise Science; Box Elder: Maria Benedict, BS, Mass Communications; Ethan Garr, AA, General Studies; Allyson Kerr, AS, Applied Health Sciences; Kaleb Seger, BS, English; Lacey Spradling, AA, General Studies; Ashleigh Young, BS, Psychology; Brandon: Charles Sellers, BS, Business Administration-Economics & Finance; Canton: Atlanta Lundstrom, BSED, Art; Chamberlain: Alli Steckelberg, BS, Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude; Chester: Logan Miller, BS, Business Administration-Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality; Dupree: Nadia Deal, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education; Eagle Butte: Crystal Anderson, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education; Sydney Maher, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education; Kelsey Wall, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education; Edgemont: Aaron Tasseff, BS, Business Administration-Management; Ellsworth AFB: Jessica Asbury, AA, General Studies; Hill City: Pedro Villalobos, BS, Business Administration-Marketing; Hosmer: Kaitlyn Johnson, AS, Applied Health Sciences; Hot Springs: Marcus Cook, AA, General Studies; Tamara Hughson, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education; Interior: Katie Lensegrav, BSED, Elementary Education, Magna Cum Laude; Kadoka: Marti Herber, BSED, Elementary Education, Special Education; Kenar Vander May, BS, Business Administration-Economics & Finance, Magna Cum Laude; Keystone: Angela Merrill, BS, Political Science; Lake Preston: Kelsey Smith, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education; Lead: Samantha Burleson, AA, General Studies; Samantha Rogers, AA, General Studies; Madison: Casey Materese, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education; Milesville: Krista Wells, AA, General Studies; Mobridge: Tylyn LeBeau, BSED, Elementary Education; Newell: Jackie Clements, BSED, Elementary Education, Early Childhood/Special Education; Dakota McTaggart, BS, Business Administration-Economics & Finance, Magna Cum Laude; Trenton Schuelke, BSED, Elementary Education; Oelrichs: Stephanie Smith, MS, Curriculum and Instruction-Mathematics Education; Piedmont: Pascal Bedard, BS, Human Services; Kendra Groeneweg, AS, Applied Health Sciences; Teresa Thompson, BS, History; Pierre: Ashley Brewer, BSED, History; Haley Dressler, BSED, Elementary Education, Cum Laude; Pine Ridge: Brooke Pond, BS, Psychology, Sociology, Magna Cum Laude; Rapid City: Edward Allen, BS, Business Administration-Management; Hannah Armstrong, BSED, Elementary Education; Breanna Bass, BS, Human Services, Sociology; Sandra Buresh, BS, Professional Accountancy, Business Administration-Management; Katrina Carroll, BS, Psychology; Amanda Christensen, BSED, Special Education, Summa Cum Laude; Delorise Davis, BSED, Elementary Education; Melissa Delker, AA, General Studies: Kaylah Doud, AA, General Studies; Hannah Drewitz, AA, General Studies, with High Honor; Cody English, BSED, History; Aspin Eno, BS, Psychology; Annie Erlenbusch, AA, General Studies; Shelby Fleming, BS, Business Administration-Tourism & Hospitality; Krystle Fox, BSED, Special Education, Magna Cum Laude; Kellee Gomez, AA, General Studies; Gabrielle Haefs, BSED, Elementary Education, Cum Laude; Nelson Horsley, BS, Mass Communications; Colton Jacobs, AA, General Studies; Krista Kirst, BSED, History; Madonna Lends His Horse, BS, Graphic Design & Communications; Jaylynn Mace, BS, Psychology, Human Services; Adam Martinez, AA, General Studies; Molly McCaskell, BS, Human Services, Sociology; Lillian Miller, AS, Applied Health Sciences; Amy Mustard, MBA, Applied Management; Tracy Olson, BS, Social Science; Ryan Palmer, BS, Engineering Technology-Construction Technology; Sonja Pederson, BSED, Elementary Education, Special Education, Magna Cum Laude; Bradley Petersen, BGS, General Studies, Cum Laude; Khaila Rybak, AA, General Studies; Ashley Schaeffer, AS, Applied Health Sciences; Amber Shewey, BS, Business Administration-Management; Angel Staley, BS, Sociology; Samantha Suek, BS, Business Administration-Marketing; McKenna Swanson, BS, Sociology; Brianna VanVlack, BS, Sociology; Kendra Veil, BGS, General Studies; Ashley Wasserburger, BS, Psychology, Sociology, Summa Cum Laude; Kyle Wehrle, BS, Exercise Science; Ashley Weir, BS, Social Science; Nicholas Wellenbrock, BS, Business Administration-Management; Bradley Winkelman, BS, Exercise Science; Redfield: Maurcel Gaines-Banister, BS, History; Salem: Michaela Tarrell, BSED, Elementary Education, Special Education, Cum Laude; Sioux Falls: Danielle Heerts, BS, Exercise Science; Austin Heng, BS, Business Administration-Management; Kelli Larson, BFA, Studio Art; Brandy Reurink, BSED, Elementary Education; Bailey Zwahr, BSED, Elementary Education, Special Education; Spearfish: Austin Aluise, BS, Outdoor Education; Hannah Bohlinger, BS, Mass Communications; Sophie Brown, BS, History; Anthony Checch, BS, Cum Laude; Ryleigh Ellingsen, BSED, Elementary Education, Magna Cum Laude; Lauren Feldt, BS, History; Ashtin Griffee, BSED, Elementary Education; Alissa Iverson, BS, Biology, Cum Laude; Cylee Kissack, BSED, Physical Education; Suzanne McCarty, BS, Human Services, Sociology; Erick Méndez, BS, Business Administration-Tourism & Hospitality; Jessica Mollman, BS, Outdoor Education; Katherine Nelson, BS, History, Cum Laude; Arron Patton, BSED, English, Magna Cum Laude; Dawn Paulhamus, AS, Applied Health Sciences; Christel Peters, BS, Mass Communications; Benjamin Pisani, BS, Business Administration-Economics & Finance; Abby Reilly Marsh, BS, Biology; Francesca Romano, BS, Sociology, Communication Studies & Theatre; Kole Simmons, BS, American Indian Studies, Sociology; Kaitlin Spargur, BS, Exercise Science, Biology, Summa Cum Laude; Matthew Tollison, BS, Human Services; Taylor Trohkimoinen, BSED, Elementary Education, Summa Cum Laude; Arthur Turner, BS, Physical Science; Heidi VanLishout, BSED, Composite Science Education; Dustin Voss, AA, General Studies; Karson Williams, BS, Psychology; Sturgis: Amber Burgdoerfer, BSED, Special Education; Chelsea Price, BS, Human Services, Sociology; Shonee Singer, BS, Exercise Science, Communication Studies & Theatre; Michael Voigt, BGS, General Studies; Summerset: Alana Abbott, BS, Exercise Science; Toy Jonson, BS, Engineering Technology-Advanced Manufacturing; Union Center: Sandrine Brink, BS, Biology, Cum Laude; Jade Keffeler, BSED,Physical Education; Vivian: Haley Juhnke, BSED, Elementary Education, Cum Laude; Wall: Devin Stephens, BS, Mass Communications, Art; Watertown: Domanic Heim, BS, Administration-Management; Westport: Jared Minard, BS, Business Administration-Management; White River: Logan Tucker, BSED, Elementary Education, Special Education; Whitehorse: Kaylee Lamb, BS, Cum Laude; Riley Burke, BS, Exercise Science; Winner: Cole Phillips, BS, Business Administration-Economics & Finance; Yankton: Chelsea Goeden, BS,Biology


Bow: Stefanie Witman, BSED, Special Education


Basin: Toby Wood, BSED, Physical Education; Buffalo: Cameron Spade, BSED, Physical Education; Casper: Joshua LaFountain, BS, Graphic Design & Communications; Karley LaFountain, BSED, Elementary Education, Magna Cum Laude; Kristin Norton, BS, Business Administration-Management; Douglas: Garrett Boner, BS, Engineering Technology-Construction Technology; Samantha Cole, BS, Exercise Science; Gillette: Kaitlynn Alm, BS, Psychology; Jessie Fahlgren, BS, Exercise Science; Courtney Hart, BSED, Special Education; Moorcroft: Debra Harrison, MED, Reading Education; Rozet: Dillon Kuhbacher, BSED, Composite Social Science, Cum Laude; Sheridan: Denim Lind, BSED, English, Summa Cum Laude; Sundance: Karen Robinson, BS, Professional Accountancy, Cum Laude; Kristen Wilson, BSED, Elementary Education


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