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Geek Speak: Tim Steckline - "Gates without Walls: An Anarchist’s Appeal for Open Borders"

Geek Speak: Tim Steckline - "Gates without Walls: An Anarchist’s Appeal for Open Borders"

Author: BHSU Communications/Monday, September 16, 2019/Categories: Events, Students, Community, Faculty, Staff

Event date: 1/23/2020 4:00 PM Export event

Where: Jonas 110
When: 4:00PM
Description: A gate normally functions as a way in or out of a perimeter. But from St. Louis to San Francisco, and from El Paso to Edmonton people have constructed Gates without Walls. These gates stand freely, with no walls to direct converging traffic: these gates are symbolic of an Open Invitation. Free-standing gates can be easily circumvented, so their symbolism makes them less than functional. The American West has promoted gates without walls through much of its long tradition. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is replicated in the Roosevelt Arch at the North Entrance to Yellowstone, and both are echoed by the Golden Gate.

The counter impulse in our West is a desire to enclose, whether with forts or barb wire or survey lines or camp fences or reservation boundaries or national borders. These can become Walls without Gates, for they are designed to resist escapes. The West has long promised gates but it has erected walls. It may be time to live up to the ideals of the West, to the Gates of Open Invitation. This is an argument for open borders, something many are accused of proposing but few actually defend, and fewer defend without apology. Calls for the erection of walls without gates are anti-human, anti-organic, and anti-aesthetic. Life should move about freely.


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