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Financing your way through a pandemic - The Money Game

Adria Lapka 0 75
As we cope with our new reality many of us are facing uncertainties regarding our finances. The Money Game, is designed to teach Financial Literacy. It is a fun and engaging way to learn how to understand money. Eric Smith, The Financial Literacy Coach was the first ever financial literacy presenter to be included on the NCAA's National Speakers’ Registry and has presented to over 125,00 college students.
This event is open to the first 300 students.
Zoom invite: Monday, April 27th from 11-1pm Mountain Time

Statement from President Nichols

BHSU Communications 0 1800

It is with a troubled heart that we write this note of concern and support for the Black community. The events over the last few weeks and following the tragic senseless deaths of African Americans in Georgia, Kentucky, and Minnesota have yet again brought racial injustices to the forefront.