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Postponed: Invent to Innovate Competition

Invent to Innovate Competition

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USD is hosting a business pitch competition and has invited BHSU students to participate. Prizes include $2000 for first place, $1500 for 2nd place, and $1000 for 3rd place, along with a $250 crowd favorite prize.

If you would like assistance flushing out your idea you can schedule an appointment to meet at or email me

Let's show the rest of the state the quality of BHSU Ideas!

1) Registration
a. Interested students/teams should send an email to by March 20, detailing the name of the project and participants, and university.
2) Submission
a. Students/teams should submit their projects by March 20, including a video or document describing the business model, with particular emphasis on the value proposition and customer validation.
3) Notification
a. The i2i Competition will make every attempt to notify those selected to participate in the competition by April 6, 2020.
b. Some projects/teams may be selected as alternates, and will be notified if a slot becomes available.
4) Competition
a. Local students/teams will be required to attend and present their projects on April 17, 2020 (1-7pm)
b. Students/teams from > 70 miles away may be offered the option to compete via video link.

For more information, contact or visit the competition web page at

Postponed: Begets - Fall of a High School Ronin

Begets: Fall of a high School Ronin

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Time: 7:30pm
Location: Main Stage Woodburn 2nd Floor
Description: In this action-packed samurai story set inside the halls of an all-American high school, Begets: Fall of a High School Ronin tells the tale of Emi Edwards, a high school geek girl whose fighting to overthrow the cruel shoguns of her school. However in her journey to right wrongs, will her own cravings for popularity and power corrupt her quest to save the school? Will she able to establish a new world order? Or will violence just beget more violence? 

Statement from President Nichols

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It is with a troubled heart that we write this note of concern and support for the Black community. The events over the last few weeks and following the tragic senseless deaths of African Americans in Georgia, Kentucky, and Minnesota have yet again brought racial injustices to the forefront.