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Canceled: David Cremean - "Waco and the Branch Davidians (Re)visited"

Canceled: David Cremean - "Waco and the Branch Davidians (Re)visited"

BHSU Communications 0 344
Time: 4pm
Location: Jonas 110
Description: The catastrophe created by the 51-day, February 28-April 19, 1993 government siege of the Branch Davidians near Waco merits constant remembering and revisiting. Few events in American history have spurred so much controversy, much of it incredibly biased from one side or the other. I see this lecture as essentially informing and updating people who know little or have essentially forgotten the matter, even as Branch Davidians and others still own and live on the infamous, haunted property.

Postponed: Geek Speak: Amy Fuqua - “How to Read (and love!) Poetry”

Geek Speak: Amy Fuqua - “How to Read (and love!) Poetry”

BHSU Communications 0 417
Where: Jonas 110 
When: 4:00PM
Description: Anyone can read and love a good poem. Poetry doesn’t require special training or secret decoder ring. Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” is just two lines written in contemporary English. William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 is a highly formal poem written more than four hundred years ago. Yet, both of them deliver delight to anyone who can read sentences in English. We will read and discuss the delights of a handful of poems written in English and then—for those who wish to add some music and geometry with their art--we will explore poetic form and meter. These elements just make the experience richer.


BHSU Communications 0 216
Dr. John Allred, Vice President for Enrollment at Black Hills State University, announced the appointment of two leadership positions on campus. Gail Johnson is the new Director of Student Financial Aid and Kathleen Fitzgerald-Ellis has been selected as the Director of the Student Success Center.