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Three new states offered in-state tuition at BHSU through South Dakota Tuition Advantage

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Black Hills State University will begin offering in-state tuition rates to new students from North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa this summer as part of the South Dakota Advantage tuition program adopted recently by the Board of Regents. Black Hills State already provides a rate equivalent to in-state tuition to new students from Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming, and will continue to do so through the South Dakota Advantage.

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2015-16 Outside Donor Scholarships - BHSU Website

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Just a reminder, there are donors who send BHSU their scholarship information and we post it on our website,, Outside Scholarship tab, choose Location as  “Outside” and running it wide open is probably the best scenario. 


These are updated as we receive them so please visit the site frequently as their due dates are commonly from January-April, but some have later deadlines.