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BHSU Exercise Science faculty give tips for staying fit in college

Author: BHSU Communications/Tuesday, January 14, 2020/Categories: Athletics, Students, Athletics, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Community, Faculty, 2020

Freshman 15, be gone! Black Hills State University exercise science professors Dr. Daniel Jensen, Dr. Ashley Pfeiffer, Dr. Craig Triplett, as well as sophomore Fallon Budmayr, share tips on how to maintain a healthy balance between college, fitness, and nutrition.

Fallon, elementary and special education major from Belle Fourche, is a full-time student juggling classes, three jobs, her volunteer activities with Special Olympics, and campus clubs. Yet, she still finds time to work out and focus on her health.

Fallon had a workout schedule throughout high school as an athlete, so for her, moving that schedule over to college was a simple choice. “Sometimes you have to wake up a little earlier and sacrifice sleep to stay fit. When you’re scheduling classes, opt for the classes that are going to allow you to schedule time for a short workout,” she suggests.

On top of her everyday school and work schedule, Budmayr pencils in a workout each morning that lasts about 45 minutes and she finishes with a shake to boost nutrition. Shakes are a healthy, on-the-go option to help satisfy a sweet tooth and provides nutrients, Budmayr says.

Dr. Pfeiffer adds that fitness should not be done without nutrition, they go hand-in hand. “Don't forget about good food choices as this is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Try to shoot for three meals a day with a good protein source along with filling those plates up with vegetables at every meal,” she says.

Pfeiffer’s advice is to focus on eating whole “real” foods filled with nutrients rather than junk food and to avoid eating in front of the TV or computer. According to Pfieffer, this can lead to overconsumption.

The three exercise science professors also came up with four “life hacks” to ensure consistency with exercise and health.
  1. Find a workout buddy! “Going to the gym by yourself can seem daunting, especially at first,” Dr. Jensen explains.
  2. Schedule a time every day for a wellness activity whether that is yoga, meditation, working out in your residence hall or hitting the gym.
  3. Set realistic goals and share them with a friend; Jensen adds, “telling a friend about your goals can help keep you accountable.”
  4. Add variety to your workouts!
BHSU students have full access to a weight-room and gym located in the upper level of the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center.

About Exercise Science at BHSU
The Exercise Science program at BHSU prepares students for work in health and fitness related fields. Students work with professors who have outstanding expertise and experience. Graduates of the program are prepared to enter the fields of exercise physiology, kinesiology, cardiac rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and personal training. In addition, graduates are strongly positioned for advanced study in the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic care, athletic training, and nursing.

For more information visit or contact Dr. Daniel Jensen at or 605-642-6237

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