The Black Hills State University Physical Education Department is holding a community sports equipment drive from now to the beginning of May. The drive for the Let’s PLAY Library will run until May 9. This drive will be used to collect sports equipment to keep the community of Spearfish active by providing access to play equipment in the city park.

There will be various donation boxes throughout the city. The locations include: the Donald E. Young Center, Spearfish Rec Center, Spearfish High School, Spearfish Middle School, and Spearfish Canyon Golf Club. Anyone is welcome to donate and people can drop off items at donation boxes any time throughout the drive.

According to the BHSU Physical Education Department, this is a great opportunity to directly and actively support the Spearfish community, as well as enrich children’s playtimes. Donations will ensure that all children have the option to play with equipment at the park, and participate in fun activities and games. Many children do not have access to sports equipment, especially over the summer while they are not in school, so this helps them to stay active and have fun. The Let’s PLAY Library motto is borrow, play, return. This creates a positive impact since through the library anyone can come to the park and play with any of the sports equipment while in the park, as long as they return it when they are done.

People are welcome to bring any sports equipment to the donation box locations, new or used. Frisbees, jump ropes, sports balls, yard games, or any other fun play equipment is welcome.

For more information, contact Dr. Breon Derby, Assistant Professor of Physical Education by email at