BHSU-Full-Logo_THUMB.jpgA new Black Hills State University logo was unveiled today. The new logo, which includes the initials B and H along with the outline of a pine tree, builds on the momentum, energy and sense of place at BHSU.

BHSU President Laurie S. Nichols noted that the logo is an important symbol that celebrates the University’s history and looks forward to future of BHSU. The logo supports the University’s strategic enrollment goals.

“I love the new logo! It’s a distinctive graphic that is unmistakably Black Hills State University,” Nichols said. “This logo is part of our branding initiative at BHSU. Besides providing a unique identification of the school, a logo is also a representation for the university’s history, culture, and tradition. It depicts the values of BHSU and the origins of these values.”

BHSU partnered with Fresh Produce, an advertising agency in Sioux Falls, to develop the new logo. The logo earned high marks in a survey with students as well as alumni. A group of faculty, staff, and students reviewed many designs before moving forward and making final modifications.

Corinne Hansen, director of University and Community Relations at BHSU, noted that the new logo is a strategic marketing move.

“As communication methods have changed through the years, we know that prospective students first learn about BHSU in the digital space – whether it’s from viewing our webpage, reading emails or seeing our social media. Simplicity is key for logos especially in the digital world. The new logo will make a positive first impression through these digital formats and in print. As a part of the process for developing the new logo, we sought input from students, faculty and staff. Their ideas and suggestions are represented in this final design.”

BHSU had been using various versions of a logo created in 1960. For details about the new logo and the historic logos at BHSU see

The BHSU Bookstore has apparel and other items with the new logo.