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Rachel Crawford, chemistry major from Spearfish

At BHSU, each student makes their mark on a University committed to helping them turn their possibilities into realities.

Rachel Crawford, chemistry major from Spearfish

Campus activities/clubs: Women in STEM, BARK, Honors Program, BRIN

Favorite memory or experience at BHSU:

During my junior year, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Botswana and South Africa with BHSU when we were setting up our service learning program. My favorite parts were interacting with the Botswana students and going on safari.  It was a once in a lifetime experience!

Why are you glad you chose to come to BHSU?

BHSU is often acclaimed for its business and education departments (rightfully so!), but I feel like I discovered a hidden gem when I started taking chemistry courses. I don&rsquot know if I ever would have become a chemistry major if I hadn&rsquot come to BHSU.  I really like the entire chemistry faculty and staff. I owe a lot of gratitude to my advisor and research mentor, Dr. Dixson. He&rsquos always willing to help me with my post graduate plans and has given me incredible research opportunities that have heavily influenced my chosen career path.

What&rsquos your favorite place to visit in Spearfish or the Black Hills?

The canyon when the leaves are changing.

What are your future plans?

I&rsquom hoping to get accepted to a medicinal chemistry graduate program. Fingers crossed!

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