New BHSU student uses faith, love of music to prepare for college

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           Theresa Marsh, a native of Norfolk, Neb., is attending BHSU this fall majoring in music education. She says her faith and her love of music guided her to Spearfish.



Incoming freshman Theresa Marsh visited 15 colleges before deciding to attend Black Hills State University this fall. As she starts classes at BHSU this week, Theresa says she&rsquoll rely on her faith and her love of music to guide her while she adjusts to a new town and a new schedule.

A native of Norfolk, Neb., Theresa plans to major in music education at BHSU - a path inspired by her father&rsquos love of music.  

"My dad was a trumpet player and singer. He would practice trumpet at night, playing for me before I went to bed like a lullaby. Occasionally he&rsquod wake me up to the sound of the trumpet, too. That was not so pleasant!" said Theresa.

She says the trying times in her life, including cancer diagnoses for both her parents, strengthened her faith. Theresa&rsquos father, Mike, died in 2012 from a brain tumor and her mother, Harriet, is a breast cancer survivor.

The same faith that helped Theresa through those trying times guided her decision to attend college at BHSU. Theresa says she prayed a novena, a nine-day prayer, in choosing which college to attend.

A visit to BHSU&rsquos campus didn&rsquot hurt, either.

After initially learning about BHSU during a college fair, Theresa and her mother visited Spearfish. Their on-campus visit included a tour of the campus, attending an education class, and the opportunity for Theresa to sing with the University choir.

"When I met with the music faculty they told me they are more like a family than a department. Sure, I thought, that&rsquos easy to say. But when I sang with the students I could feel what they said was true," said Theresa.

Theresa plays piano, saxophone, guitar, bass drum, bells, and general percussion.

Like her college-bound peers throughout the United States, Theresa is settling in at her residence hall and on campus. Theresa says the first few weeks of college will be a time of transition, but she knows the importance of this next step in her journey to becoming a teacher.

"I&rsquoll be looking at my Bible quite a bit and connecting with my church, but everything will work out through that time of adjustment," said Theresa. "It&rsquos the hardest but most exciting time when you start something new."

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