Meyers writes cover story about Sanford Lab for the May issue of Harper's Magazine

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           Black Hills State University professor of English Kent Meyers wrote the cover story for the May 2015 issue of Harper&rsquos Magazine describing the history of the former Homestake Gold Mine and its role in the future of science research as the Sanford Lab.



Black Hills State University professor of English Kent Meyers&rsquo narrative on the history of the Homestake Mine&rsquos rebirth into a scientific facility appears on the cover of the May 2015 issue of Harper&rsquos Magazine.

"I&rsquom really interested in the notion of science, economy and culture existing here in the Black Hills &ndash in the geographic center of the nation," said Meyers. "This sense of discovery is also central to our identity as a nation and as a people. We&rsquore on the verge of a true revolution in thought with the experiments underground."

Meyers&rsquo cover story, an 11-page essay titled "The Quietest Place in the Universe," intricately describes the closing of Homestake Mine as first, a "disaster for the citizens of Lead" and second, as "a rare opportunity to address a major deficit in U.S. scientific infrastructure."

In the essay, interviews with astrophysicists and Large Xenon Experiment (LUX) scientists along with the Sanford Underground Research Facility&rsquos cultural diversity coordinator intersperse with Meyers&rsquo first-hand account of his visit to the 4,850-ft. level of Sanford Lab.

The timing of the story&rsquos publication just months before the opening of BHSU&rsquos Underground Campus at Sanford Lab highlights the unique opportunities available for students to learn alongside world-renowned scientists in one of the world&rsquos most innovative underground laboratories.

As the university most closely located to Sanford Lab, BHSU&rsquos students and faculty participate in unique research and learning experiences at the Lab. BHSU, which has a legacy of preparing teachers and has made a commitment to STEM education, is extensively remodeling its Jonas Hall to provide additional collaboration and outreach opportunities as the Sanford Science Education Center.

Meyers, a member of the BHSU faculty since 1980, has published three novels including his most recent, "Twisted Tree", which received rave reviews from the Washington Post, People, and the New York Times.

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