BHSU student receives full funding to pursue his doctorate

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           BHSU student Cody Drolc received a full ride to attend the University of Missouri to pursue his doctoral degree in political science.  



Spearfish native Cody Drolc graduates from Black Hills State University this weekend, but he&rsquos not yet ready to put away his books.

Cody received a full funding offer to attend the University of Missouri to pursue his doctoral degree in political science. His offer, already accepted, covers tuition and includes a stipend for living expenses.

Growing up, Cody says politics was not a typical topic of conversation around his family&rsquos dinner table. His passion for political science comes from wanting to help others get involved in and informed about the democratic process.

"My interest in politics started when I saw legislators were passing laws that affected me. I wanted to be informed I wanted to critique and look into these issues," said Cody.

After finishing his doctoral degree Cody plans to teach at the college level and conduct political science research.

"Being a professor would be the best job because you get to interact with students and share knowledge about global affairs," said Cody.

At BHSU, Cody says he witnessed many examples of the type of professor he'd like to be in the future.

"I chose BHSU because the professors are personable and they care about the success of their students," said Cody. "I knew I wanted to be successful someday so working with people who care about my success made BHSU the perfect fit."

Cody says his experience at BHSU helped him overcome his biggest obstacle &ndash himself.

"For me, it&rsquos overcoming the limitations I built in my mind and acknowledging that I&rsquom not limited in my possibilities," said Cody. "I come from a town of 10,000 and I have full funding to go get my Ph.D. That&rsquos something I can be proud of."


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