BHSU ROTC to hold mock rescue exercise on BHSU campus

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Black Hills State University students in the Reserve Officers&rsquo Training Corps (ROTC) program will hold a mock rescue drill to educate the public and promote the ROTC program at BHSU.

The ROTC will hold a mock search and sweep of the David B. Miller Yellow Jacket Student Union to find and remove a threatening subject. The drill will be on Thursday, April 9 from 3 to 4:45 p.m. in Club Buzz and the surrounding rooms in the lower level of the Student Union.

Participants in the drill are cadets in the BHSU ROTC program. The cadets will be dressed in uniform and use imitation weapons.

The public is invited to watch the exercise. A viewing area will be set up near the Yellow Jacket Student Veterans Center in the Student Union. Students interested in volunteering as a bystander during the event should contact Garrett Petrik at or call 605-593-1693.

ROTC is a leadership program that provides individuals the tools, training and experiences they need to become officers in the U.S. Army. Mock drills such as Thursday&rsquos event are common in the ROTC program, offering hands-on, critical-thinking training for future army officers.

MSG Jonathan Mudget, an instructor with the BHSU ROTC program, said the ROTC program is growing on campus. The BHSU ROTC program offers a basic and advanced phase. The basic phase, which is the first two years of ROTC training, is open to military and non-military students. Mudget said that the first two years of ROTC courses teaches leadership, mentorship and time-management skills.

Mudget said it&rsquos important to know that taking ROTC courses those first two years does not mean an individual is obligated to join the army.

"Anyone can come and learn those first two years," he said. "All these skills they learn transfer into a civilian life style."

After the first two years of ROTC training, students that wish to pursue the military will continue with more advanced, tactic-based courses. Mudget said those courses include learning basic drills used in army combat, how to write for the army and the regulations that govern the army and Department of Defense.

Exercises such as the mock rescue drill on Thursday, also are part of the advanced ROTC courses. The drills are typically not held on campus, but Mudget said the University setting will introduce new obstacles to cadets when walking into a room or building while in combat. Doors might be locked. Furniture will be in the way. Non-threatening people will be in the building.

"This causes a student to think on their feet and make a decision and hopefully, it&rsquos the right one," Mudget said. "We want to create adaptive thinking, quick thinking and critical thinking in our leaders."

Mudget said the mock event will not only benefit the cadets, but promote the ROTC program at the University.

"This is our opportunity to show the college campus we&rsquore here, we&rsquore proud and we&rsquore starting big things," Mudget said.

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