BHSU professor launches historic South Dakota Supreme Court website

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           Dr. John Glover, professor at Black Hills State University and 2015 Bush Fellow, and his collaborative partners released The Judicial Voices website recently, working with the South Dakota Supreme Court to capture a historic snapshot of the state&rsquos highest bench during the Court&rsquos 125th anniversary.  



In honor of the South Dakota Supreme Court&rsquos 125th anniversary, Dr. John Glover, professor of American Indian Studies at Black Hills State University and 2015 Bush Fellow, and his collaborative partners released &lsquoThe Judicial Voices Project&rsquo website recently.

The idea for the project website emerged when the South Dakota Supreme Court visited BHSU in 2013 to hold sessions. Glover wanted to capture the history of the state&rsquos highest bench and worked with Chief Justice David E. Gilbertson, a historian himself, to create the website providing a freely accessible history of the state&rsquos judiciary system.

"Through this project, the justices themselves explain their roles. We wanted to make that history accessible to the public for free," said Glover. "There is not as much general information and history written about the South Dakota Supreme Court compared with the state&rsquos legislature and governors."

The Judicial Voices Project captured the justices&rsquo personal histories and perspectives through recorded interviews available for public viewing on the project website. Attorneys and staff with historical knowledge of the Court were also interviewed for the project and Glover encourages others with special knowledge to contact him.

"The project is very cutting edge as only half a dozen other states have recorded oral histories of their judges and justices," said Glover. "This is a perfect example of where South Dakota is a leader &ndash both in the history of the justice system&rsquos transition during the 1970s into a unified judicial system and in this project capturing the unique voice of the state&rsquos highest court."

To learn more about The Judicial Voices Project, visit or contact Glover at (605) 642-6003 or

The Judicial Voices Project is supported by BHSU, the South Dakota Supreme Court, the University of South Dakota School of Law, the Unified Judicial System, the South Dakota Humanities Council, and Woods, Fuller, Schultz &amp Smith P.C. in Sioux Falls. Several BHSU graduates participated in the project including Prairey Walking, Shane Artz, and Annie Woodle.


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