Women Leading from Strength

Author: BHSU Communications/Thursday, July 24, 2014/Categories: 2014

As a good follow up to our sessions thus far, skim the suggestions on professional image and assertive style as presented in Chapter 4 of the small, red book from your toolkit -- Women and Leadership: Essential Skills. Then prepare for the session ahead on Emotional Intelligence by considering the advice in Chapter 5-- Empowering Others and Chapter 6-- Motivating Others.  Some of the self-check lists provide helpful reminders about creating more effective relationships as a leader.

Even as we all work for a paycheck, studies show that money, an extrinsic motivator, seldom keeps people at a job for long.  People stay put for the intrinsic motivators such as a challenge, responsibility, potential for growth, pleasant co-workers, and respected supervisor.  Consider your own work.  What keeps you at your workplace?  Do you or can you transfer any of these motivators to those who work for you?

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