Voucher Submission Timing

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In January 2014, the Bureau of Finance and Management convened a workgroup to strengthen internal controls regarding travel reimbursements.  Their findings resulted in several changes of which the most significant is the implementation of a new rule as shown below.  This rule became effective May 27, 2014.

3:05:03:03.1.  Voucher Submission Timing.  A claim for travel expenses must be received by the state auditor within 60 days after the last day of travel.  If this timeline is not met, written documentation on a form provided by the state auditor must be submitted by the claimant stating the reason for delay in submitting the claim prior to determination by state auditor on allowance of the claim.  The form must be signed by the head of a state agency, bureau, or any other unit or organization of state government constitutional officer or elected official of the office from which the claimant is seeking reimbursement.  If the claimant is a department secretary or bureau commissioner, the form must be signed by the Governor.  General authority:  SDCL 4-9-1.1.  Law Implemented:  SDCL 3-9-8, 4-9-1.1.

If the claim contains travel older than 60 days a Delayed Travel Reimbursement Request Form must be completed.  This form must then be approved and signed by the claimant and Black Hills State University's President.  The form must be attached to the Travel Payment Detail upon submission for reimbursement.  The Delayed Travel Reimbursement Request Form and the 60-Day Rule Time Charts are available under the travel information portion of the BHSU website.

The Finance Office has implemented the rule above as well as the changes below when reviewing and entering travel reimbursements.

1.  Only one out-of-state trip may be claimed per voucher.  A "trip" is determined by a return to the employee's home station.

2.  Receipts for certain types of expenses which typically have a unique dollar amount, such as airline tickets, registration fees, out-of-state lodging, and car rentals should not be combined on the same voucher line.

3.  Subordinates should not be the only approved/processor of their supervisor's travel.

4.  All travel must have a "Leave" date and time and a "Return" date and time.

Additional information for student teaching supervisors and faculty traveling between the BHSU main campus and the BHRC is listed below:

For Student Teaching Supervisors:

1.  Trips within South Dakota during a semester may be submitted no later than 60 days after the last travel date.  However monthly submission is recommended.

2.  Trips outside of South Dakota shall be submitted within 60 days of each trip and cannot be combined with any other trip.

Faculty Travel between BHSU-Spearfish and BHRC:

Trips for the semester shall be submitted no later than 60 days after the last travel date.

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