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The post below came from Karla who asked to log an original post, rather than a response.  We are happy to oblige.

Because this blog site passes through the BHSU website, readers do not have the ability to post.  However, we would be pleased to share original posts if you include your desired blog title, content, and your name, along with any URL links, if you want readers to migrate elsewhere.  Just send your blog entry to barbara.looney@bhsu.edu.  Thanks!

And here's Karla's post:

Recently I ran into some people I haven&rsquot seen in close to 20 years.  When I was reintroduced to them the comment was made, "Oh that is Karla.  She hasn&rsquot changed."  It left me feeling odd and after some meditating on the subject, I came to a few insights as to what I was feeling.

&middot       Why was my first thought negative?

&middot       I am not the same person I was 20 years ago!

&middot       Why do I have a need to prove them wrong&mdashbecause of point 1 in that they thought of me in a negative way?

Sometimes we find it easy to believe the negative comments people share about us versus the positive ones.  When we are given a compliment, we tend to discredit or minimize it.  I believe women struggle with this a lot more than men.

So, I challenge each of you to accept compliments and relish in them for a few minutes.  It was given, so take a moment to accept the kudos.  Next, practice what Amy Cuddy says, "Fake it until you Make it" in knowing you are not the same person you were 20, 10, or 5 years ago.  You are a leader who is making a difference.  And, if you are competitive at all (which we are since we are in a leadership class), I challenge you to join me and prove the negative people wrong.

We are forging our own path!

Karla Fernau

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