BHSU to present live, special edition radio show on unrest in Ukraine

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           Dr. Andrey Reznikov (left) and Dr. Ahrar Ahmad prepare for the special-edition broadcast of Multicultural Mosaics:  Live on Ukraine.  The live broadcast will air on Black Hills State University&rsquos radio station, The Buzz 89.1 FM, on Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 4 p.m.

On a map, Spearfish, S.D., and Ukraine are more than 5,000 miles apart.  That distance will seem smaller on Wednesday when Black Hills State University presents a special edition radio show, "Multicultural Mosaics:  Live on Ukraine."

Dr. Andrey Reznikov, professor of English, and Dr. Ahrar Ahmad, professor of political science, will join Dr. Mary Caton-Rosser, associate professor of mass communications, for an hour-long, live discussion at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 8.  Listeners can hear the broadcast on the BHSU radio station, The Buzz 89.1 FM, or via

"We&rsquore offering this first Multicultural Mosaics broadcast of the school year live because we don&rsquot feel we can wait," said Caton-Rosser, referring to recent headlines on shelling in Ukraine and protests in Russia.  

The Mosaics broadcast, a project of the BHSU Multicultural Committee, will feature the perspectives of Reznikov as a linguistics scholar and Ahmad as an international government expert.  Topics addressed will include the genesis of the current crisis in Ukraine, historical facts, Russian rhetoric and propaganda, international context, and the role and responsibilities of U.S. and European Union.  The speakers will also discuss the potential for peaceful resolution.

Reznikov, who approached Caton-Rosser with the idea to feature Ukraine for a Mosaics discussion, was born in Russia and has lived in the U.S. for the past 14 years.

"This is a new type of conflict called a hybrid war," said Reznikov.  "It involves not only military action but also a lot of information or misinformation."

Ahmad said the live discussion will bring perspective and context to issues facing Eastern Europe.

"This vital part of the world is struggling," said Ahmad.  "This is exactly the time when historical factors and future possibilities, including options for U.S. policies and the future of Russia, become relevant to the discussion."  

Previously featured on the Mosaics broadcast individually, this is the first time Reznikov and Ahmad will share the airwaves.  This is also the first time a Mosaics broadcast has been featured live, on-air.

"Live radio can be messy, but Andrey and Ahrar will have no problem filling the hour," said Caton-Rosser.

Reznikov and Ahmad plan to approach the discussion as two academics understanding, explaining, and informing students and the public on a complex global situation.

"Andrey and I are good friends, very open, and very honest with each other," said Ahmad.  "It makes talking about a difficult subject a bit easier."

Wednesday&rsquos live broadcast will be recorded and available as a podcast at

Upcoming Multicultural Mosaics topics include: Slovenia featuring a BHSU student in November, diversity in South Dakota in December, and the Kingdom of Great Britain in January.

For more information, contact Caton-Rosser at 605-642-6422 or

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