BHSU professor takes social media research to NYC

Author: BHSU Communications/Tuesday, July 29, 2014/Categories: 2014

Dr. Barbara Looney, Black Hills State University assistant professor of management, recently presented a paper on using social media in the classroom at the 21st International Conference on Learning in New York City.

The paper, titled "Mobilizing Faculty to Engage in Social Media as an Instructional Tool: a How-to Experience that Produced an E-book" was written with Dr. Mary Caton-Rosser, associate professor of mass communication at BHSU. Several others contributed to the editing, research and design of the  book including: Annie Woodle, BHSU alum and adjunct instructor Kaitlin Schneider, recent BHSU graduate and Laura Howard, mass communication major from Belle Fourche.

Check out the e-book here.

Nearly 900 academics from more than 43 countries attended the International Conference on Learning hosted by Lander College for Women in Manhattan.  

"The opportunity to present before a global community gave Black Hills State valuable visibility," according to Looney.

Additionally, the conference provided a forum for Looney, Caton-Rosser and Woodle to make public the e-book of social and digital media instructional applications.  

Over the past year, 17 BHSU faculty members from varying disciplines have piloted the use of social media and digital platforms as instructional tools to enhance student learning. Faculty members then wrote about their experiences and assembled their efforts into the e-book for sharing with colleagues and other academic institutions.  The work began as early as 2012, with a series of pedagogical round-table discussions with a dozen faculty members, followed by a "Try One New Thing" Workshop in May 2013, which attracted about 25 faculty members.  

"Announcing in New York that the e-book is available for viewing online and will soon be promoted in a permanent online format was such a satisfying outcome of this two-year project," noted Looney.  

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