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Resources for Faculty

The Writing Assistance Center provides the following student-centered services for faculty:

  • Individualized conferences for students at any stage of the writing process
  • In-class, small-group peer review workshops on writing assignments or drafts
  • Tailored, in-class workshops or guest lectures on writing skills and conventions.  Workshops can be tailored to fit 30-, 50-, and 75-minute blocks
  • Electronic documentation of participation for mandatory or extra-credit visits
  • Individual writing plans for students in need of additional writing assistance via the Writing Referral Program:

(NEW!)  Writing Referral Program:    Writing issues are often apparent in the first few writing assignments of the semester.  “Writing-risk” students can be referred to the Writing Assistance Center for supplemental support.  Referrals may be instituted for issues anywhere from incomplete writing assignments to support and detail to proofreading and editing.

Students will receive one or more individualized consultations with the director of the WAC to help them establish an individual writing process and/or to address specific writing concerns. After these sessions, weekly standing appointments with consultants or the director can be established at each student's request.

This program is for faculty of all disciplines.  Faculty wishing to utilize the program may include it in their syllabus as a mandatory part of the course or as extra credit to encourage students to follow through with the referral.

There is a separate referral program for international students whose support needs often differ from native speakers and writers.  International students are first referred to Izabelle Choi of the Academic English Preparation Program who may then work with the Writing Assistance Center to create an individualized plan.

To start a referral for a student, contact Rickie-Ann Legleitner at or #6922, or Izabelle Choi at or #6944.

Consultants can provide session reports via email if you wish to make a visit mandatory or extra-credit for a class.  If you require students to visit the WAC during an assignment, please encourage them to schedule their appointments on WCOnline at least one week in advance.  

Faculty are also invited to collaborate with the director of the Writing Center on the following:

  • Feedback on your assignments and structure of your Writing Intensive Courses
  • Consultations on writing assignments and discipline-specific resources for your students
  • Resources for implementing Writing-to-Learn activities in your classes at all academic levels
  • Access to documentation or style manuals for your professional and scholarly work
  • Assistance with revising and editing your scholarly research and writing

Welcome!  The Writing Assistance Center is located on the first floor of the E.Y.Berry Library.  To schedule an appointment, please go to 
and register with our new scheduling program!  Walk-ins are always welcome as space allows.

Fall Hours:

Monday-Thursday  10 a.m.--8 p.m.
Friday  9 a.m.--3 p.m.
Sunday  2 p.m.--8 p.m.

Consultants at the Writing Assistance Center offer collaborative feedback at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to thesis development to revision, and we work with writers from all disciplines and at all levels. 

Visit our HANDOUTS page for resources on writing conventions, sentence-level skills, and documenting sources in APA, MLA, and Chicago.  

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To make an appointment, go to and register with our online scheduling program.  If you have questions about the registration process, please call (605) 642-6922 or stop by the WAC for assistance.

Walk-ins are always welcome as space allows.  Note:  If you are seeking feedback on a partial or complete draft, please bring two copies to your session.

Students do not necessarily need an appointment to visit the center. The Writing Center is designed as an Open Writing Lab, a place and space for student writers to work on their essays, papers, and speeches with the added advantage of consultants on hand to offer feedback and answer questions.  Walk-ins are welcome as space allows, and students are welcome to work independently and seek feedback from consultants when they are available.  We have work stations and reference materials available, as well as drafting computers and access to wireless printing.


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