Volunteer Hours

As a Presidential Ambassador, it is expected for each Ambassador to complete at least 20 volunteer hours. There are a multitude of ways to volunteer through Presidential Sponsored Events, Alumni Events, MyCoke Rewards, volunteering in the Spearfish community, and many more! Here is a link to our Google docs to view the latest information on upcoming events and volunteer hours.


Listed below is an update of all those who have volunteered:

Abby Albers:22.5 hours
Bridget Aeschbacher: 7 hours
Justin Bachelor: 16 hours
Chris Baley: 11.5 hours
Alicia Benz: 12.5 hours
Brody Brisk: 23.5 hours
Kaitlin Bruggeman: 6 hours
Kelsey Dalzell: 19 hours
Katie Doll: 16 hours
Carissa Doolittle: 21.5 hours
Cydni Foster:  24 hours
Nora Gale: 10  hours
Kim Kaufmann: 29 hours
Megan Lapka: 18 hours
Whitney Leonard: 17 hours
Samantha Miller: 7 hours
Mary Mitchell: 20 hours
Nathan Naasz: 22.5 hours
Jay Page: 19.5 hours
Kristin Prescott: 24 hours
Josh Robison: 28 hours
Cecily Running Wolf: 27 hours
Bryan Shurigar: 21.5 hours
Kelsey Sarvis: 4.5 hours
Kaitlin Spargur: 20 hours
Brittany Thompson: 24 hours