Volunteer Hours

As a Presidential Ambassador, it is expected for each Ambassador to complete at least 20 volunteer hours. There are a multitude of ways to volunteer through Presidential Sponsored Events, Alumni Events, MyCoke Rewards, volunteering in the Spearfish community, and many more!

Listed below is an update of all those who have volunteered:

Abby Albers: 11 hours
Bridget Aeschbacher: 4 hours
Justin Bachelor: 10 hours
Chris Baley: 11.5 hours
Alicia Benz: 9 hours
Brody Brisk: 20.5 hours
Kaitlin Bruggeman: 4 hours
Kelsey Dalzell: 17.5 hours
Katie Doll: 13 hours
Carissa Doolittle: 21.5 hours
Cydni Foster:  15.5 hours
Nora Gale: 10  hours
Kim Kaufmann: 16.5 hours
Megan Lapka: 18 hours
Whitney Leonard: 14 hours
Samantha Miller: 7 hours
Mary Mitchell: 20 hours
Nathan Naasz: 15.5 hours
Jay Page: 19.5 hours
Kristin Prescott: 20 hours
Josh Robison: 24 hours
Cecily Running Wolf: 23 hours
Bryan Shurigar: 14.5 hours
Kelsey Sarvis: 2 hours
Kaitlin Spargur: 19 hours
Brittany Thompson: 21 hours