Student Ambassador Interview Questions


Introductory Stage:

Give a tour. Interviewer will create a relaxed atmosphere. Introduce yourself and others present in the room. 


Briefly tell me a little about yourself? Where you’re from, hobbies, current involvements, etc.

Tell me about your major and plans for your future.

What do you enjoy most about Spearfish?

What do you enjoy most about BHSU?                                                          

How have you changed since coming to BHSU?                                                      

What is your biggest strength and weakness?                                                          


Tell me about the biggest accomplishment you’re proud of?


How did you first hear of Presidential Student Ambassadors?

When I say the word Ambassador, what comes to mind?

Are you familiar with our Ambassadors program?

Why do you want to become an ambassador?

What’s your availability? Will you have any conflicts if chosen?


Review Stage:

Discuss to the interviewer what it is that PSA’s are expected of, events that we host, and overall benefits.

Do you have any questions for me?

Conclusion Stage (discuss further steps of the acceptance process)