Current Members

Our organization elects officers annually. These officers with the organization advisor make up the Executive Board. As officers, it is expected to have a weekly office hour. Their office hours are listed below along with their contact information.

The President presides at all General Board meetings and Executive Board meetings. They work to prepare all meeting agendas with approval of the adviser and coordinate all association activities, providing leadership and inspiring the membership. They also represent the association as a guest of the BHSU Alumni Association Board of Directors or appoint a representative.

The Executive Vice President directs and coordinates all vice presidents in their respective areas of responsibility and assumes the duties of the president if absent.

The Vice President of Administration maintains an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the General Board and Executive Board. They transcribe and distribute minutes promptly and maintain databases of membership information.


2014 Executive Council: 

President: Samantha Johnson
Office hour: Wednesdays, 10 a.m. 
Phone number: (605) 641-4571

Executive Vice President: Taylor Guthmiller
Office hour: Tuesdays, 1 p.m.
Phone number: (605) 645-2739

Vice President of Administration: Lorrin Anderson
Office hour: Fridays, 10 a.m.
Phone number: (605) 840-0643

Vice President of Membership: Forrest King
Office hour: Mondays, 8 a.m.
Phone number: (417) 224-3516

Vice President of Development: Rebecca Clausen 
Office hour: Tuesdays, 12 p.m.
Phone number: (605) 490-7813

Vice President of Relations: Sonja Pederson
Office hour: Mondays, 1 p.m.
Phone number: (605) 254-5231

Advisor: Shauna Junek

Current Members

Presidential Student Ambassadors are referred by BHSU faculty or staff because of their academic standing and exceptional personal qualities. Each member is expected to adhere to membership requirements as we work to represent BHSU, help alumni keep in touch with campus life, and make students more aware of their potential roles as alumni.

Bridget Aeschbacher

Abby Albers

Taylor Anderson

Justin Bachelor

Christopher Baley

Alicia Benz

Brody Brisk

Kelsey Dalzell

Katie Doll

Carissa Doolittle

Cydni Foster

Nora Gale

Kim Kaufmann

Keeley Kotula

Megan Lapka

Whitney Leonard

Samantha Miller

Mary Mitchell

Nathan Naasz

Jay Page

Kristin Prescott

Josh Robison

Cecily Running Wolf

Kelsey Sarvis

Bryan Shurigar

Kaitlin Spargur

Jordan Thaler

Brittany Thompson

For more information concerning membership, officers, or committees, please consult the New Member Manual.

2013 Presidential Student Ambassadors