Membership Development:

  1. Organize Member Gatherings
  2. Educate and Acclimate New Members
  3. Member Birthdays and Events

Etiquette Member Education and Event:

  1. Educate Members on Etiquette and Procedures
  2. Coordinate, Organize, and Promote Annual Etiquette Events

Community Enhancement/School Liaison:

  1. Coordinate Collection Items and Organize Send In (Box Tops, My Coke Rewards, Etc.)
  2. Work with Schools to Encourage Positive Community Involvement
  3. Encourage Local Businesses to Assist Collection Efforts

Technology and Finance:

  1. Keep the Ambassador Webpage Up To Date
  2. Update the Facebook Page with Current Events and Happenings
  3. Keep the Twitter Account Updated
  4. Keep Promotional Events Up To Date
  5. Help with Fundraising


  1. Help Acclimate New Members to Student Ambassadors
  2. Help Recruit New Members