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At Black Hills State University, students can enjoy the challenges of working on high-level specialized research projects with faculty by working in our Underground Campus - a facility that partners with groups around the globe to create unique opportunities for collaborative research in physics, chemistry, biology, and geophysics.

There are many other ways to do research and showcase your work. Take part in the annual campus Research Symposium, attend the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), or participate in an international research symposium. Students who participate in research as an undergrad have a higher level of success in graduate school and in their careers.

 Research Symposium

BH research Symposium

Students at BHSU have the opporunity to showcase their research at an annual symposium.

 Sanford research

Sanford science education center

BHSU collaborates with the Sanford Underground Research Facility on numerous projects. This center was developed to help create learning experiences.

Expand your resume with a Research Minor related to your field of study

You and a faculty member will work together to create a research project that fits your research interests.



Study physics, biology, geology/environmental physical science, and education 4,850 feet below sea level in the BHSU Underground Campus at the Sanford Underground Research Facility.

Underground Campus at BHSU


Black Hills State University HERBARIUM

Black Hills State University HERBARIUM

BHSC features the world’s largest collection of the distinctive vascular flora of the ecologically unique Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming with over 45,000 specimens.

Center for Conservation of Biological Resources


BHSU's genetic and genomic research facility, the Center for Conservation of Biological Resources provides students with an opportunity and the resources to conduct research.

Westcore logo


The Western South Dakota DNA Core Facility (WestCore) was established at Black Hills State University as part of the South Dakota Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (SD BRIN) in 2004. We provide critical infrastructure that enhances research, education and training in the biomedical sciences.

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