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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do I need a specific emphasis for a Psychology degree?

      A. No. We offer a general B.S. degree in Psychology.

Q. On average, how many students are enrolled as Psychology majors each year?    

      A. Approximately 270.

Q. How many credit hours of Psychology do I need for a degree at BH?

      A. The minimum is 32

Q. What kinds of clubs or organizations are available specifically for Psychology majors?

      A. Psychology Club and Psi Chi.

Q. Which professors are advisors?
      A. All of the Psychology professors are advisors.

Q. How would I change my advisor to a Psychology professor?
      A. First, talk to the Professor you would like for your advisor. Then after s/he agrees to advise you, talk to the secretary at the College of Arts and Sciences (Jonas 108) to make the change official.

Q. What would be a complementary minor for a Psychology major?
      A. That depends on your career interest. Biology, Sociology, and Business are some common minors for Psychology Majors. Talk to your advisor for help in deciding.

Q. How many years of study will it take to earn a doctorate in Psychology?
      A. On an average, you can expect that it will take 5-6 years beyond your Bachelor's degree.

Q. After I have taken General Psychology, what class should I take next?    
      A. See your advisor

Q. Who should I talk to about an internship Psychology?
      A. Dr. Emilia Flint

Q. Who should I talk to about getting involved in Psychology research?

      A. Either Dr. Deichert, Dr. Flint, or Dr. Karagiorgakis

For any addtional questions please contact any of the psychology professors