Biochemistry II (465/465L)

Biochemistry II (CHEM 465 was CHEM 462) - A continuation of CHEM 464. (Spring, Even Years)

  • PreRequisite: CHEM 464
  • CoRequisite: CHEM 465L
  • Semester Hours: 3
  • Syllabus

Biochemistry Laboratory II Unique Course (CHEM 465L) - This course will focus on the Biophysical and Thermodynamic nature of nucleic acids and proteins. Specific emphasis will be placed on the design, synthesis, and thermodynamic analysis of an RNA model system. The aim of the course will be to provide the student with a solid basis in the thermodynamics of folding of biologically important macromolecules. (Spring, Even Years) An additional ‘Mandatory Fee’ applies to this course. (Spring, Even Years)

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